Poldark season 3 episode 4 spoilers: Ross and the scene of a crime

Poldark season 3 episode 4 spoilersWant another slice of Poldark season 3 episode 4 spoilers prior to Sunday night’s new episode coming on the air? We’ve vote that in the form of a new sneak peek courtesy of BBC One, that makes it rather clear just how terrible George Warleggan can truly be — not to mention how relentless when it comes to punish the desperate when they have little other choice.

What you see in this preview is a supreme moral quandary. There are many violators of the law, stealing necessarily grain from a Warleggan ship, hoping to have some sort of means of survival. This is the point — they’re not crooks. They’re hungry, they have families to feeds, and no other way to make the coin necessary. Ross is clearly on the scene to witness what’s transpired, and the scene of carnage that has come as a result.

The first thing to point out here are the bodies of the dead. There are many, as local soldiers seem to be doing their part to punish these thieves using violence. Those who survive may end up at Warleggan’s bench, and he’s certainly proving to be the worst possible person to have that kind of power. While it’s not in this preview, there is something all the more creepy about the way that he repeatedly invites Elizabeth to come over to his bench, almost as though he wants to boast publicly about how amazing he is at being the sort of person who sentences people to great punishment.

Ross being here should be no surprise. He’s Ross! Helping and getting involved in other people’s business are two of his favorite things to do. The biggest issue that he does need to remember here now is that getting involved with George goes against the very agreement that he helped to orchestrate, and with that he may be getting himself in hot water if he intentionally violates it. We’re not sure at this point George is the sort of person that you want to be in hot water with. (He may not be at Trenwith anymore, but this is a man who still loves a good ol’ game of “let’s make Ross miserable.”)

There are also more factors going on here when it comes to Ross and George, given that Morwenna and Drake are in the midst of a love story that could be cruelly interrupted in just a few short moves.

The reason we title the article this way is simple: The “crime” isn’t just the thievery. It’s the treatment of these people that led to it.

Not enough for you?

We watch Poldark with as much passion as you do, so we get it. As a result of that, we suggest that you head over to the link here if you want to see a new video interview featuring Demelza herself in Eleanor Tomlinson! (Photo: BBC.)

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