Big Brother 19 live feed spoilers: Crowning Kevin (evening, day 10)

day 12For your evening Big Brother 19 live feed article today (day 10 of the game), we come bearing a big statement: Kevin is amazing. He’s somehow both delusional about the game and in the best position out of anyone. He’s getting information from Alex, Paul, and multiple other players from all sides. Everyone thinks he’s this dude who just stumbles around and tells goofy stories — which he is.

Yet, he’s also a pretty brilliant liar, someone who has kept the secret of his $25,000 without breaking a sweat. He’s in a weird spot given that he’s never going to be a leader of an alliance, so he almost has to be the Littlefinger of this game from here on out, making subtle moves while letting all of the figureheads get their heads chopped off. If that happens, maybe he’s crowned at the end of the game as the King and he sits atop the Big Brother throne. (Hey, there are still theorists out there that Littlefinger, the man who started with almost nothing, will be the person ruling Westeros in the end.)

As far as entertainment goes, the Kevin – Paul alliance is wonderful. They’re both ridiculous and off-the-cuff in a way few other people are this season. Add to that Alex’s ability to repeatedly shoot herself in the fun and Josh being a complete crazy person, and you’ve got a small sliver of an entertaining cast!

Here’s the remarkable thing through one day of live feeds — beyond Cody and maybe Jessica, there’s not too many people we’re rooting against at this point. However, on the flip side there are a number of people who are surprisingly normal and/or borderline dull. So far, Matt, Jillian, Dominique, and Mark aren’t bringing much to the table. Even Jason, despite his Whistlenut antics on the show with Paul, has been fairly even-keeled. There are a lot of people playing the “don’t rock the boat” game right now.

The current nomination plan…

If you recall from earlier today, Alex won the Veto and has the power to save herself. However, Cody’s still not entirely firm on the vote. We think that it’s likely that he will put up Jason, but another name floating around out there remains Ramses — largely because of Paul recognizing that he is smart and therefore somewhat of a threat. Jason’s not the sort of guy who’s ever going to win anything, so there is certainly some value in taking him out of the game.

The most remarkable thing is that nobody is talking now about taking out Paul, even though during the show Cody seemed pretty clear that he was hoping to nominate him. He’s about to nominate his FOURTH person given that Megan walked and Alex won the Veto, and there’s a good chance none of them are Mr. Friendship. He really should give Cody a bracelet after all of this!

If you missed it…

We did post one of the first quotes from Megan about her decision to depart the game earlier, and you can check that out over at this link. The big thing to say there is that we wish her well. The game isn’t made for everyone, and that’s okay.

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