Blue Bloods season 8: How can Nicky get involved?

NickyOut of all of the characters within the Blue Bloods universe, Nicky Reagan-Boyle remains on an island of her own. She’s the only child of Erin and Jack, and she’s the only one of the children who is old enough to really be on a career path. We’ve seen her on a ride-along, challenging other members of her family on what is right and wrong, and unfortunately also in danger. That Thomas Wilder episode still rings in the ears of many.

Now, the question that remains is rather simple: What more do you do with the character? Sami Gayle does a great job with the part, but the problem here is that she’s always a supporting player who maybe gets one or two key episodes a season. She has to find that time, and then make the most of that time since it’s not entirely clear when more of it is coming her way.

So what should the show do, next time we have a chance to see her longer than a few minutes here or there? We do think there are some worthy suggestions that tie very much into the fabric of this show.

Intern at the District Attorney’s Office – Get Nicky a little bit more involved in Erin’s work, and have her go down a career path where she may consider becoming more immersed in the law. There is something fascinating about seeing her perspective versus her mother’s in the workplace, just as there is also something fascinating about seeing what would happen if things turned out a little differently for her. What if she became a defense attorney instead of a prosecutor? Can you imagine how quickly Frank’s head would spontaneously combust. (Unfortunately, Blue Bloods would probably need several more seasons to really see this through.)

Entering the Police Academy – Maybe there’s something about the ride-along and what she went through with Wilder that makes Nicky inspired to take a turn to become a cop. As Jamie starts to become more and more prominent in the NYPD (even if he reluctant to drop uniform duty last season), this could be a way to bring the show more full-circle as they highlight all facets of law enforcement.

Build towards becoming a crime analyst – We’ve seen a uniform cop, a detective, the prosecution, and the commissioner of the NYPD. Why not showcase what some of the other jobs within the force are? This is a show that strives first and foremost to tell stories that are real and are organic, but there is an unavoidable aspirational quality to the show where people watch it and want to become involved in some of these jobs. When you consider the current climate, there isn’t a whole lot else out there in terms of good PR for police. Why not show some more of the less-flashy jobs, and have Nicky work towards becoming one of those?

Have any suggestions for what Blue Bloods should do with Nicky moving into season 8? Sound off below!

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