Wynonna Earp season 2 episode 4 review: Give Waverly a hand

Earp season 2

Is there any better game actress than Dominique Provost-Chalkley? We’re wondering that coming out of Friday night’s new Wynonna Earp episode. Last week, she tried her hand at cheerleading. This time around, she showed off some of her singing skills.

This moment came in the midst of an undercover sting operation, one that did require a little bit of bravery in order to make an exchange. It’s too bad that it didn’t prove all that successful in the end, given that in a matter of time, the two sisters found themselves captured. Hey, doesn’t mean that they would have a chance to bond? Sure, at least to an extent. They talked about the hauntings at home, and how something is a little bit different for Wynonna’s little sister.

It’s too bad that these conversations were fairly short-lived given what happened from there, where Waverly’s former target decided to go into full-on-torture-mode for one reason and one reason only: Looking to figure out what was in the briefcase. As a matter of fact, this guy was willing to cut off Waverly’s hand! You would think that this would be the end of it, but not so much because one less hand doesn’t apparently equal the sisters Earp being stopped in their tracks. After a little stabby-stabby, the two had a new priority: Trying to get Waverly the proper medical attention she needed.

Well, let’s just say that we found the moment where it was clear something was off with Waverly. Her possession took over, and all of a sudden, said hand came back! Give her a hand everyone! (Yes, we made that lame joke in the title, and yet here we are doing it again for some reason as though nobody heard it the first time.)

Tucker being Tucker

Well, he vowed on this past episode to get some sort of vengeance, and he did that tonight (wearing a cat shirt, no less) by paying Nicole a visit and telling her that he knows something is up with her girlfriend. Nicole knew that, too, but wasn’t all that into listening to him.

Tucker’s a tool. What else do you need to say there? He’s nobody’s friend, and he’s out to cause all sorts of trouble. Maybe if he was just a shred of a nicer person, we’d feel bad about Waverly attacking him. The further example of his terribleness came about at the end of the episode where he ended up getting some “training” by some women who were clearly not his family and had every interest in converting him to the dark side further. They offered him anything he wanted; what did he want? Apparently, a woman.

The trouble with Dolls

How much do we really need to spell all of this out? The guy’s is not himself, and regardless of however much Doc (hat included) may try to help him, there’s no denying what’s lying within him now. One prime example of that came via Rosita hightailing it out of there when he told her to. (In other news, Jeremy isn’t feeling what Rosita is puttin’ down from the vantage point of flirting.)

At the end of the episode, everything started to come to a head in this episode, given that when Evil Briefcase Man (that’s what we want to call him, people!) showed up, it was Dolls breaking out of his makeshift prison, made previously by Rosita, in order to breathe all sorts of fire on him. Before Wynonna fired off her gun, she got a warning that she would “never be ready” for what’s coming.

The cliffhanger

Wynonna was formally introduced for the first time to the creature within her sister, which led to a confrontation like no other. First, Waverly in evil form kissed … her sister? Well, this was really just a mechanism for her to transfer her soul over to Wynonna. She is the new one possessed!

Final Verdict

We do think Wynonna Earp does need a couple more villains with the charisma and the fire of its leads; beyond that, though, it’s still easy to love season 2 of the show in between the witty writing and its unique weekly brand of crazy.

Also, that ending suggests that there’s a big-time reason to be worried about what’s coming. Episode Grade: A-.

Where do things go next on Wynonna Earp? 

Well, things are somehow about to get even messier! To get a little more news on that, be sure to head over to the link here. (Photo: Syfy.)

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