Dark Matter season 3 episode 5 review: Who is Agent Zero? The Android’s new side

Dark Matter season 3 episode 5 reviewLast week, Dark Matter began with Three doing his best Bill Murray impression. Tonight, the story began with Five bringing out her inner badass, and having a heart-to-heart with Solara, her new resident trainer and/or storyteller. We learned through this conversation that she certainly has a dangerous past. Maybe the Raza crew can trust her, but we also figure now that this is not a character

Like with Solara, the early focus on this story was on a character in Adrian who we’re still getting to know. He wanted to do what he could to bring a rescue mission in to rescue a woman that he cared about in Ambrosia; for the rest of the Razar crew, they got an incentive of their own to take part. He had a file that could contain valuable information about Ferrous Corp and their plans. If the Raza crew had that, they could turn the tide. Herein lies the problem: They don’t have that. He brought them to the location, not realizing that it was already gone.

Does this mean that the file was, as well? Not necessarily, given that Adrian passed along the information that Tabor had a habit of keeping backups. He was enthusiastic and ready to take on a role handling this mission! It’s too bad that he’s not altogether qualified or ready to do it. For further reference, remember that the man got arrested. This led the Raza crew to some desperate measures … and our awesome Android moment of the episode where she went undercover as a southern belle, complete with new accent, in order to infiltrate the facility and complete a rescue mission of her own.

Here is what makes this show awesome — you have a rescue mission by Adrian turn into a rescue mission mission by The Android, who became the start of much of this episode in a delightfully unexpected way. Take, for example, her trying to “convince” Tabor’s android to use an upgrade while Three took him out from behind. They were able to find the file on Tabor’s computer because of her efforts, but even after this there was YET ANOTHER issue: It has Ferrous level encryption. Encryption! Virtually everything within television has some sort of encryption these days, right?

The next order of business

Let’s get back to the rescue mission at hand. Adrian was willing to risk the file in order to ensure that he got Ambrosia back. Unfortunately, Ambrosia wasn’t willing to risk anything. She betrayed Adrian, and was ready to take him and everyone else down to get what she wants. (She’s certainly going for broke, no?) Were it not for Two and Three showing up and doing the convenient move of showing up at the right time, she would have killed him. Were it not for Solara, she would have gotten away.

Also, let’s pass along some other good news: Six! He’s still out there. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like he is going to be going back onto the Raza anytime soon.

Ryo’s story time

He is not a nice guy, and not an altogether great leader, either. He’s forgotten one of the basic rules of ruling, and that is that you have to make people want to go into battle with you. He’s got some work to do there. The same goes for his ability to congratulate members of the military, which was all sorts of uncomfortable. Dude needs a serious dose of humanity in the event that he wants to lead someday.

Here’s the twist: One of the graduates from the military academy tried to kill him, a sign that none of his people liked him. Gotta work on that, no?

Cliffhanger time

Who is Agent Zero? For the time being, you’re left to wonder that. He certainly SOUNDS scary, and for the time being, you gotta figure that this is enough.


We did have some concerns in the early going about making an episode centered around Adrian, given that he’s a reasonably-new character. Luckily, the show eventually balanced this out with The Android, Ryo, and more. The many betrayals and back-and-forth helped to make this episode interesting. Also, the Six cameo made our heart melt near the end. Grade: B+.

What happens next on Dark Matter?

Get ready for some blasts from the past! We cannot say all that much about the upcoming episode just yet, beyond that you can read up over here. (Photo: Syfy.)

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