Big Brother 19 episode 2 review: The first Head of Household revealed!

Big Brother 19 episode 2 reviewTonight, Big Brother 19 continued the madness. Yesterday, the show made the controversial move to 1) bring Paul back, 2) give him power to declare eight people immune, and 3) introduce a power where someone could be immune for three weeks.

If we had to guess, Paul’s going to get this, and then be heading out the door in a way that Neda did on this past Big Brother Canada season.

Now that we’ve said this, let’s dive into what is the story of the show right now: Some of the guys versus the women and the rest of the guys. Ramses is working closely with some of the women in what is one of the tightest alliances in the game so far.

Meanwhile, Josh is well on his way to being the Devin of this season — the dude’s a hot mess. He was crying, getting angry, and being super-paranoid … on day two! The dude also called out Megan to Christmas as someone he didn’t trust, with very little evidence of anything.

The first Head of Household Competition

This was a game done over the course of different stages, and it involved various people teaming up with the simple goal of trying to get apples across a moat in the Garden of Temptation before the other teams. There was also a golden apple, and the first person to get that was declared safe. That person was … Josh. The dude’s still a hot mess. He got safety with the apple, infuriated the entire team, and then went after Megan FOR NO REASON. The funniest thing here is that Josh kept calling her a “really nice girl” in this episode, even though he was running around saying that she was some sort of terrible snake.

Eventually, we saw Paul and Cody be selected as the champions of their teams to compete in the final part … and then Cody won! The two of them made a deal, but we knew from last week that there was a zero percent change that Cody was ever going to keep that deal. He doesn’t trust Paul. Who does he trust? What a shocker! Two bros. Matt and Mark and working with him, and we’re already anticipating their downfall, especially with Cody since he has no idea how to play the game.

The next morning

Josh was apparently a completely different person. He apologized to Megan for some of his actions, but then Megan was left to talk to Cody … which is like talking to a stone wall.

Cody in general seemed good with his bros, and that meant him continuing to be rather boring with his nominations: Jillian (destined to be the block queen of the season in the early going) and Megan. He went with the safe choice, knowing that he didn’t want to ruffle any feathers.

Now let’s talk Cody’s speech for a moment: Terrible. Why do you tell someone like Megan “I don’t like you that much”? What does that accomplish?


A funny episode at times, but the predictability with the dudes being in power at the moment is the same thing we’ve seen so many times before. We feel bad for Megan, but we also love what Josh is bringing as a total crazy man in the game. Grade: B-.

If you missed it…

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