Zoo season 3 episode 2 spoilers: Is Clementine really Clementine?

Zoo season 3 episode 2Following tonight’s premiere (be warned there are spoilers ahead!), where will Zoo season 3 episode 2 go? This is a show that does tend to operate at a fairly rapid pace (which we are big fans of) and after a crazy premiere that threw all kinds of twists at us we are expecting one heck of a great season. We know that Mitch is still alive, we know that there are hybrids running amok and that Abe is working on finding a cure for the sterilization problem after getting his medical degree. Add to all of this that there are two women claiming to be Clementine and we have one of our first big mysteries of the season.

Below, you can get some of the first details from the next new episode of the show, one that does ask a fairly simple question: Who is Clementine really?  Her conversation with Mitch should offer some answers, but then who is the Clementine that’s on the plane with Jamie and should we be worried about the gun she brought on board? This is a show that does love its mystery, so don’t be all that shocked about it already leaning into the curb a little bit in that department, especially with all the different Clementine’s running around.

Zoo season 3 episode 2 synopsis – “Jackson and Logan discover a link between the hybrid attacks that occur in Portland and New York; Mitch is interrogated by a woman claiming to be his daughter, Clementine; and a new development in Abraham’s research into the sterility crisis endangers his family.”

We know from the premiere that Abe is trying to be a hero and stop the fertility crisis, but within this world, nothing comes easy. Therefore, it makes a great deal of sense that there are also plenty of people out there who want something different from him and one Sheppard that probably wants him to stop his research. With one of the Clementine’s having a peek at Abe’s work, we are starting to wonder if she’s maybe working for the last remaining Sheppard? So many theories – so many questions!

Check back after the episode for further details!

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