Zoo season 3 expectations: What do we want to see happen in the premiere?

Zoo season 3 is going to be kicking off tonight with its premiere episode and it’s been one that’s been highly anticipated by fans everywhere… and with good reason! We were left with so many juicy cliffhangers that it’s been one heck of a long wait to find out some answers. Luckily the wait is finally over, but before we get to the premiere we want to talk about some of our expectations for the and what we want to see happen tonight.

Firstly, we want to talk about getting the team back together again. Most of the team is scattered right now: Seems that Jamie’s been in New York somewhere, and Dariela and Abe have been enjoying their family, but also working in a lab to try to come up with a cure for the sterilization problem and a way to reverse the TX gas. Jackson’s been off  in Portland working on being part of an extraction team (with a new girlfriend?) and Mitch has been floating around in a water tank that’s keeping him alive in the middle of Siberia in an abandoned lab. We don’t expect that we’re going to see everybody back working together again in the premiere, but if at least by episode 2 we can have our group back together again working alongside Clementine that would be best. The show works really well when the team is all together, so the longer they’re kept apart the more disjointed it’s going to feel.

Now we also want to talk about Mitch since he’s really the answer to stopping the hybrid problem and with him floating around in a tank he’s not going to be much use to anyone. We’ve already seen some sneak peeks about his daughter Clementine trying to get to him before the IADG, so we think that there’s going to be a heavy focus on the race between the two teams to get to Mitch first. The one thing we want to see resolved in the premiere is if Mitch can survive outside of this tank? Because if there is a way for him to survive out of this tank then why has he been in it for the past 10 years?

The third thing we want to see in the premiere is more character development on Clementine. We’ve seen her as a very young girl over the years and the only time we’ve seen her as an adult was in the Zoo season 2 finale, so we really want to get to know Clementine and see what kind of woman she’s grown into. Hopefully there will be a little bit of Mitch in there and we’ll see that she’s got a little bit of sarcastic snarkiness to her. We’ve already seen from the previews that she’s very resourceful like with getting all of that information about her dad from the IADG, so we know that she’s going to be very valuable to the team. We don’t think we’re going to see this in the premiere, but we do want to see Mitch and Clementine working side-by-side towards taking care of the hybrid problem. After everything Mitch went through to help save his daughter it only makes sense to see these two together.

Lastly we want to know what everyone’s been up to these past ten years. We know a bit about Abe and Dariela already, but we don’t know what’s been going on with Jamie outside of seeing a few interviews online and we don’t really know a lot about what’s been going on with Jackson outside of him working to move people around safely. Hopefully we’re going to get some answers on that in the premiere. We’re expecting some fun action with the animals of course, but really we want to catch up with everyone to know what they’ve been up to and hopefully by the end of the episode have our team back together again working towards fixing the hybrid problem. Is that too much to ask for in one episode?

What are you hoping to see in the Zoo season 3 premiere? Leave us a comment in the box below with your thoughts. We will be back later tonight with our Zoo season 3 premiere review (and will be covering the show all season), so be sure to check back for that, but also if you want some more scoop on Zoo right now you can head over to the link here. (Photo: CBS)

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