The Gong Show: Fans love the thrill of weird, unexpected performances

The Gong Show

The Gong Show hasn’t changed one bit over the years. Yes, the performances are different and the host might not be the same, but the crazy talent show competition still has that thrill element that can’t be matched. What thrilling feeling are we talking about? You tense up, scoot to the edge of your seat and your stomach starts having butterflies. In some cases you might even yell at your TV! The anticipation of what might happen when an act gets really weird on this show is an emotional thrill!

Over the summer it is expected that The Gong Show will be offering some insane performances, but that’s what happens on a variety show. So far viewers have been introduced to some amazing people, so fans can only see the show getting better week after week. Thankfully it’s host Tommy Maitland keeps the show rolling as smoothly as possible. Adding a bit of spit and fire when needed, he has given fans a good laugh and kept us all entertained. While there has been much hubbub over the British host, there is no knocking the laughs he provides as he is ready and willing to offer up his best material.

The thrill of The Gong Show

The unexpected entertainers offering up their acts is exactly why The Gong Show has lasted for decades. It’s that anticipated expectation that something new will be presented. Viewers know it’s not exactly going to be normal and that’s just fine. There is no safety net for this show and fans couldn’t be happier to know they won’t be shielded from the best (or the worst) acts on TV. That feeling, the thrill of not knowing what to expect, is why we tune in every week.

The star power gives perspective

Being a celebrity has got to be tough, but being a star after seeing a rather interesting performance has got to be hard. So far all the celebrity judges have offered praise and critiques. They’ve even picked up the mallet and hit the gong when things get completely out of hand. Add the funny banter between the stars and and the contestants and you can’t help but laugh as the show rolls along.

Dream on crazy performers

In our world today creative talent is sometimes stifled. We don’t see those over-the-top acts because there is no stage for their performances. Perhaps that’s why now, more than ever, we need to pay attention to The Gong Show. It’s weird, wild and wacky in all the right ways. Experiencing the thrill of watching performances get really weird is worth every second!

Before you go

Preview The Viking, one of the acts featured tonight, in the video below. (Photo: ABC)

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