The X Factor – The Voice UK go to war over … Jennifer Hudson song?

Jennifer HudsonIs the classic Jennifer Hudson – Dreamgirls song “Am I Am Telling You I Am Not Going” set to be the nixed off The X Factor? Signs point that way, and the reasoning behind it is certainly out there.

Apparently, Simon Cowell has blocked people from singing the show, and a big part of the reason for that is because of Hudson recently being on the British season of The Voice. (She’s also a part of the American edition of the show coming up.) Hudson’s not the only person to do this song, but she made it iconic.

Speaking per The Sun, here is what one source had to say about what Simon did to ensure that his show remains in the limelight more so than the others:

“X Factor and The Voice may both be on ITV now, but Simon still wants to be the best show and there’s real rivalry there.

“This one girl tried to sing And I Am Telling You, which Jennifer sang in Dreamgirls, but Simon stopped her immediately and told her to sing something else … He did let her try another three tracks.”

We do wonder if there is going to be a mention of this on the show — but it seems doubtful, given that both series are on the same network. If there is a competition now, it should be a little bit more muted, no? We will say that this is probably welcome to us just because of the fact that there are a billion or so people who have already performed this song. There’s nothing altogether exciting about seeing it performed for the millionth time. There are only so many times that you can see someone do this song where it still has some meaning to it. (Personally, we’d love it if at some point down the line, there’s a list 10-15 songs that are just banned for good.)

One way or another, we’ll get a chance to see what happens on The X Factor when the new season of the show premieres on ITV later this summer. There’ll likely be plenty more to come in the way of news and previews, so stay tuned!

What do you think about this report, and are there some other songs you’d love to see Simon nix in the future? Share below!

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