Emmys 2017: Timothy Simons, Alec Baldwin, Bobby Moynihan, Brian Tyree Henry top Supporting Actor – Comedy picks

Who are the Best Supporting Actors in a Comedy Series at the Emmys this year? Obviously, there is a great amount of subjectivity to that, but we do think that we’ve come up with six of the strongest performers — who also happen to come from very different comedies! Some of them are silly, some are serious, and some play roles that are super-relevant in today’s pop-culture landscape.

Below, you can see who we think are the most worthy performers for the year — not only that, but you can also vote for some of your favorites in the attached poll!

How do you vote? It’s easy. Just pick your favorite of the nominees at the bottom of the article, and you can do so however many times you like — you may need to clear the cache first. (Note that if you are visiting on mobile and do not see the poll, you may need to click to view the non-AMP version of the page.) If your favorite is not on our list, be sure to leave us a comment in the box below with your choice. We still want to hear from you!

The 2017 Emmy nominations will be formally announced on July 13. The results of all of our CarterMatt Emmy polls will be formally revealed on July 12 at 9:00 a.m. Pacific. They will officially close in the minutes leading up to that time.

Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series – The Nominees

Alec Baldwin, Saturday Night Live (NBC) – Good luck to anyone trying to overtake him this year. Signs indicate that he will be appearing here rather than as a guest, and given the worldwide popularity of his Donald Trump impersonation (plus how hilarious it was), he’s almost a lock for a nomination. Hard to argue with it.

Micah Fowler, Speechless (ABC) – One of the shining lights of this past season was Fowler, who played JJ with so much heart … but also a surprisingly edgy tinge that you probably did not expect going into the show. He was inspiring in many ways just because he was not trying to be inspiring; he was trying to be him, and that version of himself was very funny.

Brian Tyree Henry, Atlanta (FX) – While Atlanta may be in many ways a Donald Glover showcase, it would be wrong to not include Henry in there for a role that is fantastic in its own right. Everything about Paper Boi was so well-suited to the show, and he was a character with so much depth and such a dynamic fire to his personal. He was equally capable of carrying a show in his own right.

Bobby Moynihan, Saturday Night Live (NBC) – As great as Alec was, we do hope that it doesn’t overshadow all of Bobby’s good work this season. He was ridiculously funny in so many sketches just because of a line or a facial expression; Drunk Uncle remains a classic, but he was equally good playing the straight man in sketches just as he was the absurd in others.

Timothy Simons, Veep (HBO) – Jonah Ryan may be television’s best buffoon, largely because he’s a buffoon with power and that tends to produce the best and worst antics imaginable. He shut down the government, he fought for Daylight Saving Time reform, and in the end, he decided that there was only one more thing that he could do to continue his “movement” (finale spoiler alert) — run for President. The sheer hype of this idea has us in stitches. Simons has always been brilliant and deserving of more love than he’s received.

Jimmy O. Yang, Silicon Valley (HBO) – There are few people more legitimately funny on Silicon Valley than Jian Yang, even if he’s not in every episode. While his delivery is all sorts of tremendous, one of his funniest moments this season was actually one of his quietest — the way that he dropped Erlich off at the airport. Sometimes, the best performers are the ones who can make the most of any moment, even if they’re on the screen for just a matter of a few minutes.

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