Pretty Little Liars series finale: Who is Alex Drake?

Pretty Little Liars season 8 revival

For almost the entirety of the Pretty Little Liars series finale, there has been one question that many people have wondered: Who is AD?

Well, we’ve finally got that answer, but the biggest thing that we can say is that there are SPOILERS ahead. MASSIVE SPOILERS. Obviously, stop reading now unless you’re okay with learning the truth.

The show didn’t start off with a big AD reveal, but they did spend a little bit of time building to that moment, including playing around with time in the process. We jumped forward, we flashed back, and saw anything and everything in between.

Then, we had the first reveal of the night: Melissa Hastings was AD, or was she? This felt a little bit too easy a way for the story to end all things considered. Also, she’s barely been on the show in forever. Following her “reveal” (which wasn’t a complete reveal at all), we then got a sense that Mona was involved somehow. While Mona may have killed Charlotte, the idea of her being the main instigator into all this was a little too hard to believe.

Then, there is Spencer’s twin! It’s crazy that this is the theory that proved to be true, but clearly there were some eagle-eyed people out there who managed to follow the trail of evidence. Also, there is a connection between Spencer’s twin and Wren. Her name? Alex Drake. She was the one who formed a relationship with Toby, and this may things all sorts of crazy. Even though this twist was somewhat-expected, the execution was interesting and allowed for all sorts of backstory.

Also surprising? The British accent. We do suppose that this makes some sense given that this character couldn’t have grown up in close proximity to her sister; otherwise, wouldn’t someone know? Kudos to Troian Bellisario for playing both characters so well in this episode, though we wish that we’d gotten this reveal at some point before tonight so that there was a lot more time in order to really play with it.

Note that this article is mostly just about the A.D. reveal. If you come back later, we’ll have more insight for you on everything else that happened over the episode.

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