The Bachelorette: Rachel Lindsay on Kenny King, Lee Garrett two-on-one

Rachel LindsayThe Lee Garrett and Kenny King two-on-one date was highly dramatic on The Bacheloretteso what’s Rachel Lindsay saying about it?

The star of the show has kept her People Magazine blogs somewhat in-the-moment, ignoring some of the more meta aspects of the show including what’s happening now. With that, we do think that her latest one does offer up a little bit of insight into what she was feeling a certain way about both of these two guys in the midst of their date in Oslo:

“And now for the most challenging date of the season thus far — the two-on-one. At this point in the journey, I absolutely couldn’t handle anymore strife between the remaining men. I was just over it. There were times when both Kenny and Lee communicated they were past the drama and focused on me, but I could feel and literally hear the discontent between them during cocktail parties and group dates. It was time to put this beast to bed.

“I flew them out to a remote and gorgeous Norwegian forest where there was nothing that could distract us from the elephant in the fjord. What started out as just pleasant conversations focusing on the men sitting in front of me soon turned into a back-and-forth of contradicting allegations. It was so hard to know who to trust. The moment I stepped away to think was when things between Kenny and Lee came to an explosive head.”

Is the majority of the blame on Lee here? Absolutely, given that he is the instigator and the reason a whole lot of the chaos started to unfold in the first place. Could Kenny take a back seat a little bit more and not let it get to him? Also absolutely, but we get where he’s coming from. The comments Lee is making aren’t just to Rachel; they are to the entire world. Kenny’s an entertainer already, so he’s aware of the implications of being on a show like this. He’s tried to make sure the public doesn’t see the side of him Lee is presenting.

We do hope that we get to see more of a Rachel diatribe about Lee coming before too long, but it may not be until we get to the Men Tell All special. Heck, we think that ABC is saving it until that moment, since his online racism cannot be ignored. We know that it may be an embarrassment to production, but it still happened.

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