Howie Mandel: Why America’s Got Talent viewers think he’s the fun uncle on judging panel

Howie MandelOn America’s Got Talent, Howie Mandel isn’t shy to share his opinion about an act, regardless of whether he loves it, hates it, or finds it mediocre, Howie always finds a graceful way to share his thoughts about a performance without hurting too many feelings. The actor, TV host and comedian knows what it feels like to be on stage and it appears that he hasn’t forgotten the nerves people have when performing in front of millions of viewers. There is no doubt this is why America loves seeing him every week on NBC.

Howie Mandel on America’s Got Talent has always encouraged others to be original and he, himself, has become a staple of the show. Cracking a joke at the perfect time or giving heartfelt advice, the star contributes so much to the program. The current season of the reality competition has people recognizing just how much viewers trust him as a judge. If he says vote for an act on the upcoming live shows, viewers are going to do it because they know he’s got a good eye.

Howie Mandel’s opinion can sway viewers

A good judge on any program can make people think about their votes when they get to the live rounds. A great judge draws out the little details that some folks might overlook. Howie Mandel offers grace in the moments he speaks which makes the judging remarks worthy of consideration. He never tears down, instead he offers up a new perspective and gives a balanced review. Including details and drawbacks, it’s as if he’s our best pal offering a quick run down of a performance except he’s an expert. This is a true talent and something AGT fans take for granted.

A good judge is hard to find

What Howie Mandel represents on America’s Got Talent is something special for reality shows. Let’s face it, not every judge currently on TV is good at their job. What makes people adhere to Howie’s style is he’s real and genuine. You don’t get that fake vibe. He’s there to help others and he proves it. Sitting next to Heidi, Simon and Mel B, the combination of the four stars makes the show the best summer competition to watch on TV. Those other shows? Well, they have got to be pretty jealous of the chemistry and the goodwill coming from this table.

Howie Mandel is the fun uncle in the family

Frankly, Howie Mandel’s fun factor is so obvious. If you put the America’s Got Talent judges in a family unit scenario, Howie is the goofy uncle everyone wants to have. He’s the one who brings the fun and cracks jokes to make the world smile. Yep, he’s proof of that cliche, he’s the sunshine on a cloudy day. It’s that genuine feel good fun that makes people drawn to his personality.

America’s Got Talent viewers are super lucky to see Howie Mandel on the show every week. He’s another reason to watch as you never know what he might say, but he always says the right thing. Which is just what a fun uncle would do!

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