Big Brother 19 spoilers: Early premiere expectations

premiere expectationsWhat are some of the early premiere expectations for Big Brother 19 on Wednesday night? We’re already starting to get a sense of it.

The first thing to note here is that over the two-night premiere, you are going to see the houseguests enter the game in random groups. Clearly, CBS has hired some former houseguests to be “ambassadors” of sorts for this season, as evidenced further by the fact that Natalie from last season basically confirmed as much in a post on Twitter (see below). There are a wide array of past houseguests who have shared the same photos with similar captions. You can’t really blame CBS for wanting to get some help from their former houseguests given how many followers many of them have.

What the scattered house entry could mean is one group entering the first night, while the other group enters on Thursday. If that happens, it’s possible we could have two Heads of Household, or that the producers will just save the first competition for Thursday so that there will be one HoH.

As for the Den of Temptation twist, all indicators are that it will be factored into the Sunday show. Voters at home will choose who they want to see enter the Den, where they could get something that either helps or hurts their game. America unfortunately isn’t going to have a whole lot of time in order to know these houseguests, but that often happens with some of the earlier votes. (Random thought: Isn’t this entire twist basically just America getting involved with Pandora’s Box? If Jessie is living in the Den, we could die with laughter.)

There are rumors aplenty out there about Paul being in the house or about someone already being evicted. However, nothing is for sure confirmed and given that the premiere is almost here, it feels better at this point to just wait for the episode to arrive. Why exhaust yourself with speculation before the show even begins? There are three months coming where you will get that chance.

Remember that to get some further news all season long, including live feed scoop and episode discussions, be sure to head over here. Also, we’re planning some cool interviews this season, so that’s something to keep in mind for the time being.

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