Why Better Call Saul season 4 should not be final season

Call SaulTonight is the first week in a good while where there is no Better Call Saul on the air, and the thought of that is (of course) rather distressing. Watching this show remains very much a pleasure, largely because it’s a show that offers so much in the way of great performances, a unique visual style, and the groundwork for Breaking Bad.

At this point, though, it may be time to start thinking more in terms of the show’s own mortality, given that we are three seasons in and Breaking Bad itself only ran for five during its time on AMC. It would be rather odd for the prequel to last longer than the original show, so we see at most a situation where there are two more years left for the series. Heck, maybe some think that there is only enough story to go for one more season before calling it a day.

We know that for us personally, we’re willing to go against the grain on the four-season plan for Better Call Saul, most because there is enough material for there to be two separate arcs to tie things together and send this character off into the sunset.

1. Jimmy becomes Saul – This can happen over the course of season 4, given that he’s already so dark at this point and the death of Chuck, one of the few family ties that he had, may send him even more into a spiral. This can also be a season where we learn what happens to characters like Nacho and Kim, who are both essential to this storyline but not a part of the Breaking Bad universe.

2. Gene’s story – We’d argue that almost the entirety of the fifth and final season should be Jimmy / Saul’s redemption up in Omaha. While he’s done some terrible things, it would be nice for this show to have a different ending, one where you get a chance to see him actually pay his story forward a little bit and try to be a better person than he’s been.

What do you want to see when it comes to Better Call Saul season 4, and how many seasons of the show do you think are left? Share in the comments!

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