Stitchers season 3 episode 4 review: Camille’s dinner party

Stitchers season 3 episode 4 reviewOn Stitchers season 3 episode 4 on Monday night, you had a chance to see a dinner party ultimately like no other. It started with Camille and Amanda looking to have Linus and Ivy over for a peaceful meal and conversation, but soon after that it turned into chaos.

Basically, things began in a bad way courtesy of Camille and Linus being a little too overprotective of each other — something that did make some sense courtesy of their history. Nonetheless, the two clearly have to start learning that their exes collectively have good judgment, and know what they are doing and hop they want to be with. At the end of the episode, it was clear that they were happy, though in the process they had to go through a crazy case involving a rogue MI6 agent who got way too comfortable in Cameron’s bed when Cameron was not around.

This entire case was a tricky one for the stitch team to take on, largely because the victim had figured out a way to encrypt his own memories. While the entire premise was over-the-top, it’s hard to argue with entertainment and this episode did bring enough of a twist on the classic Stitchers mystery to make it worthwhile.

If there is a weak point in the story, it’s mostly that the episode began with Camille and Kirsten talking about mapping different parts of the brain so that they could get closer to developing the necessary technology to help with Kirsten’s mother. This is the main arc of the season, and this is a thread that could’ve been sprinkled in more throughout. There was tension along the way when Cameron realized that Kirsten wasn’t coming to him with her plans, but we understood her perspective as well: If she didn’t think that he would approve, why would she? She’s very much interested in moving forward and continuing to make the progress necessary to help her mother regardless of the risks.

In the end, Kristen and Cameron were happy by the end credits and all was right with the world — for now. Here’s to seeing if it stays that way the entirety of the season.

Final Verdict

A fun episode of Stitchers anchored mostly by Camille’s dinner going completely off the rails thanks to tension between her, Linus, and the new partners that they had — oh, and also the case with its super-spy implications. The case would probably be a little more forgettable were it not for the antics of MI6’s own Chloe, but that was enough to propel it to one of the better episodes this season. Grade: B.

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