Last Week Tonight with John Oliver addresses Bob Murray lawsuit

Coal segmentWe wondered going into Last Week Tonight with John Oliver whether or not Oliver would reference the Bob Murray lawsuit. After all, Oliver made it clear that this would be coming last week, especially thanks to the way in which Murray Energy has filed lawsuits in the past.

So did he talk about? Yes, but not for a very long time. Oliver kicked off the show on Sunday by saying that he would love to get into the details of the case, but HBO and the lawyers advised him to stay quiet on the subject for the time being and allow this to play out in the courts. After that, though, all gloves seemingly are off. We figure that there is going to be some sort of update segment on this in the future, mostly because Oliver is going to love being able to tear Murray a new one — provided that he wins. For the time being, he and the show remain confident that they will be able to do just yet.

This entire ordeal is a little bit of a sea change for the show, given that they have never been sued before for any of their segments despite taking on a wide array of other subjects over the years. It’s also one of the few times where Oliver cannot be candid.

In the end, for the time being Oliver and the show probably handled this the right way. Given that they cannot say anything publicly on the lawsuit, they did all they could for now in addressing it and then moving on. If this was another show, there’s a good chance that they probably would not have touched on it at all.

There were certainly some other segments to get to this week, whether it be trains, health care, or an interview President Donald Trump gave with Fox News — which went about as you would expect, all things considered.

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