Fear the Walking Dead season 3 episode 5 review: Who left?

Fear the Walking Dead season 3 episode 5 reviewOver the past few weeks, we’ve come to learn more about Broke Jaw Ranch, otherwise known as the setting for Fear the Walking Dead through much of season 3. Through Sunday’s episode, we learned that it’s going to be that much more challenging to keep the ranch under proper control.

As it turns out, someone else — or, a full group of people, has a claim to the property, and they are going to do everything that they can in order to properly get it back. This gives you a little more context as to what’s going on around the ranch, and to go along with that further, Madison now has a little bit more of a reason to get along with Troy and everyone else within the group. All of this chaos has effectively led to an us-versus-them situation.

The problem there is that Madison still tried to find a way to seize power, making a case to everyone that Troy was leading more out of fear that out of any sort of genuine interest in helping. Oh, and Troy tried to kill Madison again … not that anyone saw this coming.

While all of this chaos was going on, we saw a little bit of romance for the kids. Nick managed to Luciana out in order to have a romantic night together, one of the first times that they’ve had a chance to do that since she began her recovery from the shooting. It’s too bad that she decided to up and leave in the morning, leaving Nick alone to probably lose his you-know-what on someone.

Meanwhile, Alicia got a little bit closer (to put it mildly) with Jake, which may not be a great idea since we still think that there is a perfectly good chance he snaps halfway through the season and suddenly drifts into full Big Bad territory.

Random thought: Who else though Alicia was jumping to her death for a minute in the closing minutes?

Your Salazar – Strand update

They are still searching for Ofelia. The good news is that they’re both away from that dam, but the bad news is that they continue to be in a very dangerous situation.

Final Verdict

This episode actually blew by pretty quickly, though we do still have many questions. For one, where in the world is Ofelia? This episode was entertaining, but also didn’t resolve much of anything and (somehow) divided up the core group further. Grade: B.

What’s next on Fear the Walking Dead?

If you do want to preview the next new episode further, just be sure to head over to the link here. (Photo: AMC.)

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