Zoo season 3 spoilers: Can Mitch Morgan be rescued?

Zoo Mitch MorganThe Zoo season 2 cliffhanger left us with a lot to digest. All the animals have (thankfully) been cured, but there are new threats coming in season 3. First we have to deal with the end of the human race. The Noah Initiative wasn’t what anyone thought it was and its left the entire human race sterile. Then we had a huge time jump of 10 years into the future where there’s been no more babies and it seems that humans have mostly accepted their fate – however there is also another threat and that threat comes in the form of the hybrids.

We have seen some of what the hybrids can do on Pangaea and the person who had a real first-hand experience with this is Mitch Morgan. It looked like Mitch had been ripped to shreds by one of these hybrids, but Clementine let Abe know that Mitch is not actually dead much to the happiness of fans everywhere. So where is he?

We’ve seen a lot of pictures of actor Billy Burke (as Mitch Morgan) floating in some sort of water tank that’s been keeping him alive over the years. No one knows how this tank is keeping him alive, why he’s being kept alive or who is the owner of this glorious life tank. All we know is that he is still alive which is really all we care about – all the rest will find a way to work it’self out.

In the new sneak peek (which you can check out below) we can see a team coming in to rescue Mitch or at least transport him somewhere else, but when they get to the tank they see that the plan that they had in place to move Mitch is not going to happen. As it turns out his life support is being powered by the tank and if they take him out of his tank he’s going to die. This is one of those times that we really need Mitch Morgan to come in and give us a solution to a problem like this. More than that we really want to know who this team is working for? Is it someone that Jamie has sent in, or the government? Whoever it is that’s trying to take Mitch, we just hope that they are allies and not there for dubious reasons. There are a lot of questions surrounding Mitch right now, so the premiere of season 3 can’t come soon enough.

Like everyone else, all we really want to see is the team back together again working on ways to stop the hybrids and as well as figuring out a way to stop the sterilization problem with the human race. Zoo is primarily a show that’s about hope mixed with a lot of fun, so leaving us with this very dark problem to fix is going to need the whole team together again to make it happen. The one thing we really want to see is whatever the situation is with Mitch in this tank, we want to see him back and functioning as early as possible in the season. Hopefully the premiere will give us some answers on just how long it’s going to take before Mitch is back in the mix and being his bitter, sarcastic, brilliant self once again.

Who do you think this team is in the video that’s trying to rescue Mitch? Leave us a comment in the box below and tell us what you think is going to happen with Mitch this season. If you’re looking for more news on Zoo season 3 then head over to the link here where you can check out some more previews and scoop that we have on the show. (Photo: CBS)


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