Poldark season 3 episode 4 spoilers: Aidan Turner’s Ross takes on famine

Poldark season 3 episode 4When Poldark season 3 episode 4 airs on the BBC next week, a different problem will arrive in Cornwall: A famine. Ross to the rescue! Well, hopefully. As great of a hero as Aidan Turner’s character may occasionally be to the town, we do also know of opportunities aplenty where he does tend to get in his own way. He’s a flawed man, and that is a part of what makes his story compelling.

Before we continue, we should caution that there are some spoilers in the network’s synopsis in the event that you have not seen tonight’s new episode yet — or are unfamiliar with the source material.

Poldark season 3 episode 4 synopsis – “George proves merciless as the new magistrate, and Clowance is christened. Ross discovers the means to both help Dwight and combat Cornwall’s famine.”

It shouldn’t be an enormous surprise that Dwight is alive given that the network technically gave his fate away in the synopsis for this week’s episode, even though we never printed that out of sensitivity. The thing to remember here is that Dwight being alive does not necessarily mean that he is out of the woods. There may still be a wide array of other problems that end up coming in the direction of the character. (How much time has he even had to spend with Caroline so far?)

Beyond just Dwight, George’s position as magistrate is obvious going to be a problem. Ross has a little bit of a Charlie Brown vibe going on, one where every time that he thinks himself ready to finally kick the ball and move forward, someone yanks it away from him and then lets George kick it instead. Despite being a pretty miserable human being, somehow George continues to be able to do whatever he wishes while Ross and company have to work hard to even survive.

Oh, and here’s one other tease based on the preview for the episode that we saw tonight: It appears as though Morwenna could have a suitor! Just when everything was going well for her and Drake, George may be finding a way to mess that up, as well.

What do you want to see on Poldark season 3 episode 4 from Ross, George, and all of the other characters on the show? Be sure to share now in the comments!

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