Big Brother 19 spotlight: Will Alex Ow’s love of the game take her far?

Alex OwIs Alex Ow going to be someone you want to root for on Big Brother 19Well, we understand that in theory you’d want to. She seems to be a big fan of the show given that she references season 9 in her interview with Jeff Schroeder — and only a true fan would even admit to getting through that season.

With all of this said, there is a part of Alex that comes across as her trying very hard to impress, in between her complimenting James on his pranks and having “a moment” when she realizes midway through her interview that she’s talking to Big Jeff. She does seem very happy to be there, but she may be a tad too all-over-the-place to have a chance of realistically winning this game.

Current City – Camarillo, California. It’s a nice town northwest of Los Angeles, and it’s basically wedged in between the LA area and Ventura / Oxnard.

Age – 28.

Job – Eco-friendly marketing rep. So many questions here! Take, for example, whether or not she is a marketing rep that just so happens to be eco-friendly, or if she just works for an eco-friendly company. Either way, this is who she is.

Past houseguest comparison – Alex apparently loves Nicole from her past two seasons, though her calling her a “fan favorite” from season 18 may be a little much. (Nicole 1.0 with Hayden / her coming back into the house? Fun. Nicole 2.0 with Corey? Not so much.) Maybe if you combine Nicole with someone like Natalie who had super-high energy, you’ll end up with Alex overall.

Strengths – She is right that she is going to be looked at as unthreatening given that she’s super-small and isn’t one of the more athletic women in the house. She knows the game fairly well, and probably can excel at some of the question-and-answer based challenges if she remains perceptive to some of the stuff that is going on around her.

Weaknesses – It’s hard to love her thinking when it comes to wanting to work with the guys, given that the last two seasons dominated by men (season 12 and season 16) were both seasons with an all-male final two. There are two big issues that she has with this thinking: Male alliances tend to get rid of the last remaining woman at the final three or final four, and they’re only going to work with one or two women. There are a lot of women who seem to have this work-with-the-guys strategy, and they’re all set to shoot themselves in the foot if they try and execute them

Prediction – Unless something weird happens during the season, we figure that Alex will go about as far as an Natalie or a Pilar, to use a Big Brother Canada comparison. She’s not a threat to anyone’s game in the early going, but she could be perceived as one near the end since she could be fairly well-liked by her other players and is capable of winning those competitions near the end.

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