Big Brother 19 spotlight: Will dog walker Megan Lowder walk away with the prize?

Megan LowderThere are a few things that are distinctive right away about Big Brother 19 houseguest Megan Lowder — she has a loud, Rachel Reilly laugh. Also, she’s a dog walker, though not the kind to walk four Great Danes at one time. She was also willing to dance with monkeys in order to win per her interview with Jeff Schroeder.

Beyond all of that silliness, Megan seems like a reasonably normal person and someone who could be well-liked. She wants to engage in all of the silliness of the game and will have fun with every aspect. If there is one thing that is especially interesting about Megan from a production side, it’s that her hair shows up in some other photos in a wide array of colors. Apparently, somewhere in between now and when the game begins, she goes for more of a rainbow appearance.

Current City – Cathedral City, California. Given that she lives out in the Palm Springs area, you can’t consider her one of those prototypical LA area houseguests who casting just found at a bar.

Age – 28.

Job – Dog walker. The fact that she’s a dog walker in the Palm Springs area is fairly remarkable given that it gets so freakin’ hot out there. Let’s put it this way: It’s going to be 119 degrees out there!

Past houseguest comparison – Yes, she has the Rachel laugh, but she’s probably a little more like Porsche from season 13 mixed with Jodi from season 14. The truth here is that this is our ninth straight summer covering this show, and there aren’t all that many houseguests quite like her in terms of being laid-back and calculating strategically, but still willing to embrace every element of the season. The latter is a little reminiscent of Ian Terry, but she’ll probably blend into the group more in the early going.

Strengths – She definitely loves the show, and not in a way that feels put on or trying to pander to the fan base that is out there. (Granted, her bio seems to indicate that either she thinks Frank Eudy played three times, or someone putting her Q&A together screwed something up.) She understands that she needs to be competitive, but only when she needs to be, and that she wants to have a good social game. She doesn’t seem ready to pressure herself into playing a certain way.

Weaknesses – We can see scenarios where she just chills out for so long that she’s labeled with the term “floater,” and squanders whatever chance that she had winning at the end of the game. We also get the sense from her that she is more comfortable hanging out with men, which wouldn’t be a problem if there weren’t already several other houseguests looking to do the same exact thing this season.

Prediction – Megan is someone who could win the game, provided that she makes the right bonds and figures out the right way to control people without making it super-obvious what it is that she is doing. She just needs to make sure along the way that she is keeping track and owning every move she is making, since we can easily envision her as the sort of person who becomes relaxed enough that she doesn’t do enough to make her presence felt along the way.

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