Pride Weekend: Why Alec and Magnus of Shadowhunters shine so bright

Alec and MagnusMrs. Carter: Are Alec and Magnus of Shadowhunters one of the best LGBTQ ‘ships on all of television?

We certainly do know that in terms of representing positivity, and a couple intent on making things work despite significant hurdles, few couples are better than Alec and Magnus. Think of what they’ve gone through to date. They come from very different walks of life and have different allegiances to manage. Yet, they manage to fight their way through that. There is a certain star-crossed charm about the two of them, that they somehow found a way to meet and fall for each other in the midst of everything that is crazy going on around them.

As for why this relationship is so popular online, even with a show with a number of other prominent ‘ships, much of that may have to do with them being fairly easy to relate to. So many of us over time have cared for someone we perceive as different from ourselves, but their success being together serves as an inspiration that anything is possible.

It also certainly helps that you have two actors in the roles in Matthew Daddario and Harry Shum Jr. who are supportive of each other and also understand just how important the roles are to the fans.

What’s next for them?

The good news is that they’ve been able to withstand some touchy times already, whether it be Vincent’s possession or the attack on Shadowhunters this past episode. There’s been some tension and disagreement, but they’ve always found a way to get back to each other. If that pattern persists, it’s easier to imagine that they have a future together that could last.

There are going to be other obstacles coming up, with one of the most notable ones being the simple presence of Sebastian and what sort of chaos he could cause to the entire Shadowhunter world. The biggest thing that these two need to do is just keep the eye on the prize — in this case, each other. Remember that they’ll always have each other’s backs, and that there is no need for secrets or for one of them to go rogue on the other and act without cluing in the other as to what’s going on.

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