Better Call Saul season 4: Does Bob Odenkirk want a larger Gene story?

Better Call Saul season 3

When Better Call Saul season 4 premieres, there’s going to be a demand for more Gene, just as there’s been a demand for him all along. We’re starting to get closer to Jimmy McGill becoming Saul Goodman, and with that, most of the holes are starting to fill in.

So does Bob Odenkirk want to jump forward to the future for longer than a scene or two? It absolutely seems like it. Speaking to Uproxx, he made it clear that he has specific hopes to play the character — and that he’s already struggling with the idea of saying goodbye to the Jimmy that he’s played for the first few seasons:

“I would like to see what happens to Gene, the character Saul is post-Breaking Bad. I hope they’ll give some story to him. I think they will. They’re talking about it. So I don’t know how much time is left, but I will and do already feel bad about saying goodbye to the very likable and, I think, good-hearted Jimmy McGill.”

We already know that there are considerations to giving us more Gene, but regardless of whether or not it happens remains to be seen. Our hope does remain the same: The show does two more seasons. In season 4, we wrap up the story of how Jimmy officially becomes Saul Goodman, and we officially move past the events of Breaking Bad. Then, season 5 is about his journey after the fact, and whether or not he is able to pick up the pieces.

If there is one Vince Gilligan story we’d love to see within this universe now, it’s one of redemption. Both Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul have each in their own way been about watching characters slowly descend into darkness. There is something nice that comes from being able to mix things up, and we do think that Jimmy has suffered and paid his dues from his past actions. There is something to seeing if he could turn things around and see Kim again, even after everything that happened in Breaking Bad. (We personally don’t think Kim was around for that, but that she is still alive.)

What do you want to see from Gene moving forward in Better Call Saul? Share below!

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