Turn: Washington’s Spies season 4 episode 3 review: Peggy, Arnold’s problem

ArnoldOn Turn: Washington’s Spies season 4 episode 3, what we effectively saw was a survival mission like no other … and also prove that there are many things that the Culper Ring cannot possibly predict.

Remember the whole crackerjack plan designed in order to ensure that Brewster was brought back? Well, that did not work out quite like anyone planned. There was an ambush effectively waiting all parties involved, and with this came one of the more violent, deadly skirmishes of the season so far. There were casualties, and while there were certainly some survivors, several were left hanging by a thread. (We wonder if the rest of the season will be spent watching the barely-alive Caleb Brewster trot off from place to place.)

Regardless of who was living or dead, the closing scene of the episode with the bodies sprawled in the back of the carriage was difficult to see. It was emblematic of what many of these characters had went through to date, but also what more was to come. The blood of the battlefield made for brilliant contrast to what was coming a little bit later on in the episode with Arnold, which was far more picturesque due to his station within high society.

Yet, Arnold’s crisis was far from a rosy one when he realized that he was not the only one capable of deception. He flipped out completely on Peggy when he learned more about her past, which we think upset him most because of how it could augment the perception of him from the British further. If there is one thing we’ve learned about him, it is that he cares a great deal about narrative. With that, he is not going to love the narrative of him constantly being questioned for his every move. He will think his grand act of betrayal is enough.

After Peggy admitted to her behavior with a rather harsh reply, he is left reeling moving into next week. Yet, he’s a snake, and therefore he’ll slither somewhere…

Anna’s latest efforts

Anna’s heroics are certainly both brave and bold, but the question that you have to wonder is very simple: Is it all too little and too late? Is there anything more that she is going to be able to do? She’s written her husband after witnessing the deteriorating conditions at camp and also getting further news from officers about it … and the lack of listening going on at the top. This is a place on the brink of war, and while she may be a voice of strength, there is only so much she can do.

Final Verdict

A powerful, bloody, but also significant episode where several pieces were shifted and moved around the chessboard. It’s worthwhile that Turn: Washington’s Spies moves between violence and non-violence so quickly within an episode; it makes them all the more jarring and effective. Grade: B+.

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