Fear the Walking Dead season 3 episode 5 spoilers: Madison’s confidence

MadisonOn Fear the Walking Dead season 3 episode 5 airing on AMC this weekend, Madison’s resolve will be at the center of the story once more.

After all, you have to be a pretty darn determined person to be okay with the notion of sitting in a car with Troy for a lengthy period of time. Yet, this is where we are. The sneak peek below for Sunday’s episode features yet another instance of splitting up, as Madison goes off with him and other members of the community on a mission, leaving Alicia and Nick behind to find for themselves with the others.

Why do this? It all has to do with a need. For Madison, she needs to understand better who some of these people are. Meanwhile, for Alicia and Nick, they need to understand some of the other young people. That’s why with Alicia, there is some need for her to attend “Bible Study” with some of the other young people, and for Nick, there’s merit in him deciding to not kill people for a chance. They also have Luciana to care for, who continues to be on the road to recovery.

If anything, Madison is a strategist within this world. She realizes that there is a definite need for her to be able to get to know the fellow people in the community. These are people who could become allies; if they remain enemies, it’s better to be on their good side and understand their weaknesses. The last thing that you want to do is be in a position where you are suddenly vulnerable, and in danger of some terrible things happening to you just because you didn’t take the time in order to properly know people.

As for how Victor Strand and Daniel Salazar are going to be involved in this story, there’s potential for them to be a part of things soon enough given what just transpired with Miguel, and the sort of person that Daniel is. He’s a fighter, and he does show up at Broke Jaw, he could help to tip the scales in Madison’s favor if there is a revolution coming.

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