Will & Grace revival will not be overtly political, co-creator says

Will & Grace revivalOne of the reasons why the Will & Grace revival is even coming on NBC this fall is because of a noted political video from election season; with that, is it fair to say that the new version of the show is going to be political in its own right? Not so much.

While speaking recently at Logo’s Trailblazer Honors at New York’s Cathedral of St. John the Divine (per The Hollywood Reporter), series co-creator David Kohan made it clear that the intention of the show is to continue to do what Will & Grace does best (be entertaining television) more so than try to force an agenda on anyone:

“It’s not an opportunity to preach. Anyone who needs to be preached to is not going to be listening, so that’s not the purpose. And I don’t think it’s helpful, quite frankly, I really don’t. If people are going to be entrenched in their positions, then telling them how to think is not going to change the way they think.”

If we think back to the original iteration of the show, one of the things that it may have done best is through comedy, preaching a message of acceptance and care for all people. Sure, the show may have been crass at times, but there was something about the friendship there that was universal. Sometimes, you do need to take small baby steps in order to enact change, and that may be a big part of what is being done with the new version of the show.

One of the big questions that remains now is whether or not the new version of Will & Grace is going to be able to attract the same sort of passion and love that the original version of the show did so many years ago. So much has changed, with the biggest thing being the amount of options out there. One of the big appeals for the original Will & Grace show was that it was airing at a time in which watching sitcoms was a tradition on Thursday nights; now, there is Netflix and so many other options. Does the show really have a great hope?

What are you the most interested and intrigued to see on the Will & Grace revival when it comes on the air? Be sure to share in the comments! (Photo: NBC.)

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