Still Star-Crossed episode 4 move: Torrance Coombs reacts

Torrance CoombsEarlier this week, the news that many people feared was official: Still Star-Crossed episode 4 would not air on a Monday as originally planned. After three low-rated outings on ABC following The Bachelorette, ABC is opting to move the show over to Saturdays starting in July.

You can read a little bit more about this move over here; for the time being, we do want to give you some more reaction to this move, and the end of the show, from someone who feels it first-hand in Torrance Coombs. The actor was a major part of the show in the role of Count Paris, and alas, he now has to look for another gig.

In a series of posts on Twitter, Coombs reacted to the episode 4 move with the following:

“Yes, it’s true that #StillStarCrossed won’t be going for a second season. However, the remainder of season 1 will be broadcast. It’s a funny business. I think it’s one of the best things I’ve done. Sometimes you catch fire and sometimes you don’t. Looks like we’re moving to Saturdays. I’ll keep you posted and continue to live tweet. All the best stuff still to come. Thanks to [Shondaland] and [ABC] for trying something a bit different. Didn’t succeed in ratings but it was beautiful anyway.”

This is a sweet statement just because it is so honest, and you don’t always get that whether it be with actors, showrunners, or anyone in between. It’s also interesting when you think about how there are so many different ratings expectations depending on what network your show is broadcasting on. Think about this for a moment. Still Star-Crossed averaged around 1.95 million viewers during its run on television. Meanwhile, there is only one episode of Coombs’ former show in Reign to post viewers than that: The very first one back in 2013. That was a very different time for television, when binge-watching was much less of a big deal and there were more people clinging to network shows.

Unfortunately, TV is a harsh business, but the one thing that Coombs does now have going for him is an opportunity this summer to land a role on one of the upcoming fall shows, even if it is a recurring one. Of course, it’d be cool at this point to see him in something modern.

If you’re so inclined, you can head over to this link to read some further news on Still Star-Crossed, and that includes the announcement about the move to Saturdays. (Photo: ABC.)

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