Pretty Little Liars series finale spoilers: Who’s the father of Alison’s baby?

Alison's baby

Who is the father of Alison’s baby? In the midst of all of the questions coming on the Pretty Little Liars series finale, it’s one you could forget.

Luckily, it seems as though the show is not going to leave you hanging on this one; it’s an interesting part of the child’s identity, even if it’s just their biology and genetics. At this point, it’s clear that Emily and Ali are raising the child together, and they will be its parents and caretakers more so than anyone else. It is the level of love between the two of them that matters most.

Here is what executive producer Marlene King had to say on the subject of the Alison reveal to Entertainment Weekly:

“I think fans are going to be surprised when they find out who the father of Emily/Alison’s baby is … That’s one question we’re going to find out.”

Is there a list of candidates out there as to who the father is? Sure: Almost every man in Rosewood. The only thing that we feel reasonably confident about is that the child’s father is probably someone we know within this world because otherwise, it would be boring. Let’s just hope that it’s not someone evil and despicable just because we don’t want to leave Ali with bad vibes at the end of the series that her child could eventually grow up to be some sort of terrible killer. Nature versus nurture in that sense.

Beyond the father of Ali’s baby, the biggest mystery that will be resolved in the finale is who is behind A.D., and is creating so much of the chaos for the Liars these days. There are theories out there that it could be Paige, a secret twin, Aria, a parent, Wren, Lucas, and anyone and everyone in between. It’s almost impossible to full speculate on it just because the list of candidates is so enormous and there are reasons to speculate over almost all of them. One of the things that this show has done such a great job of over time is continuing to allow for so much moral ambiguity with so many different people. There are good people within Rosewood, but you still have moments and glimpses where you think that they could be bad.

We recently wrote a piece regarding whether or not Paige could be A.D. at the end of this, and we recommend that you visit the link here now to check that out further. (Photo: Freeform.)

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