Doctor Who season 10 episode 11 video: The Master and The Master

Doctor Who season 10 episode 11Doctor Who season 10 episode 11 is airing now in just a few hours, and it could be very well an installment for the ages. After all, where else are you going to see a story that features The Doctor squaring off against The Master … and also The Master? Let’s just say that there is a reason that this story’s being hyped so much. It is the first time we’re getting to see John Simm on the series in years, and it’s clear that the producers are feeling rather psyched to play around in this world.

This brings us to the video below via showrunner Steven Moffat, who teases that the day of reckoning is here for Peter Capaldi’s Twelve. For the longest time, he felt like he could change her, make or better, or craft her more into what he thought that she should be. What he’s learning / being reminded of right now is that it may not be so easy to give a cat new stripes.

Moffat’s warning is ominous: This episode is going to get ugly, and there will be consequences for The Doctor getting close to Missy. The entire universe could be at stake by the end of it. Expect the classic Doctor Who sense of adventure, but also danger and a direct continuation into episode 12. Given that these episodes are both directed by Rachel Talalay, it’s fairly clear that we will see the story bleed right over.

Ultimately, one of the things that we are really watching out for in this story is if there are any hints that will eventually bleed over into one of the most important final moments of the entire series: The regeneration into the unknown Thirteen. Every regeneration is different, and we do like to think that every time we do learn something different about The Doctor and his view or mortality. He leaves, he begins again, and while everything is different, it is all still the same. He may be written by mere earthlings, but he still feels as though he belongs on another planet.

What do you want to see on Doctor Who season 10 episode 11? Be sure to share some of your thoughts on the subject below!

Meanwhile, head over here to get some additional news right now on the show! There will be a full preview for the finale coming following the episode airing. (Photo: BBC.)


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