Wynonna Earp season 2 episode 3 review: Where is Dolls? Homecoming horrors

Wynonna Earp season 2 episode 3 review

Tonight, Wynonna Earp season 2 episode 3 was all about a homecoming — and plenty of other problems to come along with them. After all, Waverly was still possessed, Wynonna was still tortured, and there were still forces of evil roaming around Purgatory.

What this episode probably showed you was that there is a reason that so many people want to move past their past — often, it’s not exactly what it once was. Your old friends turn into jerks, the rich families are still causing trouble, and there’s some sort of evil creature who could control willpower roaming through the hallways causing trouble for everyone. We saw spells, plenty of freaky encounters, and that this evil creature was basically an evil genie who lives inside of a trophy.

In some ways, the entire battle against this “genie” was completely ridiculous … but also ridiculously fun and perfectly in line with everything we know about this show. It can be silly and ridiculous at times, but that is a big part of the fun.

The threat was contained — and we’ll get back to the Wynonna story in a moment.

Trouble for Wayhaught?

Waverly is understandably excited that she and Nicole are together; with that, she wants to scream it from the rooftops. There are unfortunately two problems here — Nicole still has a job she has to commit to, and there’s another issue that she is facing coming in the form of Waverly being possessed. That alone is causing her to have quite a few problems, including acting out and kissing Nicole in a rather inopportune place.

Eventually, Nicole took some of her concerns over Waverly’s new behavior to Wynonna, but she wasn’t in a position to hear it — and also took it as somewhat of a slight against her.

Oh, and some of this trouble escalated for Waverly when she let loose her inner demon all over Tucker. Sure, he was being both a homophobe and a terrible person, but you had to think that this was going to have some terrible consequences. Tucker wanted to go after both Waverly and Haught, but the good news is that nobody was all that keen to believe him.

In getting back to Nicole for a moment, this was an especially emotional episode for her as we got to see the relationship between her and Sheriff Nedley play out. He was hard on her because he cared about her, and he wanted to ensure that she would be ready in the event that she becomes Sheriff someday. He’s fine with ehr intervening in some supernatural stuff here, provided that she still does a good job as a cop.

The aftermath of everything

At the end of the episode, Wynonna started to realize that something strange may be happening with her sister, given that she didn’t remember what happened with the lipstick (otherwise known as the one that she ate).

Wynonna also paid a visit to Doc, who is undergoing some secret experiments following a promise that he made to Dolls — who is still out in the wind. She tried to reaffirm her of the relationship they have with Black Badge, and how Dolls would be a “fool” to return.

Well, here’s the problem: Dolls may not be that far, as “Waverly” has him hostage. That’s gonna be a problem.

Final Verdict

A step up from last week, mostly because there were no spiders and we’re really getting somewhere with the Waverly possession story. This Wynonna Earp brought a lot to the table, and delivered on all of it with the sort of humor and family-bonding that you’d expect. Grade: B+.

What’s next on Wynonna Earp?

If interested, be sure to head over here to see what’s going to be coming up next. (Here’s a hint: A big showdown regarding Waverly is coming.) (Photo: Syfy.)

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