The Originals season 5 leave door open for Candice King’s Caroline

Candice King's CarolineWill Candice King’s Caroline appear on The Originals season 5? While there is no confirmation at present, there is absolutely hope. (We’re not just talking about the character Hope in this instance…)

Basically, the recent hopes for Hope came true in the closing minutes. We saw Hope be sent off by Hayley to live at the supernatural school in Mystic Falls, which is the one that is now being run by Alaric (Matt Davis) and Caroline. Davis made a brief cameo in the finale, and departing showrunner Michael Narducci had the following to say on that subject to TVLine:

“We were very lucky to write a scene with Matt Davis and have him come film it. I was there the day we shot that, and it felt just like old times. He delivered an incredible performance. And I think it’s interesting that, on a show about the Mikaelson family, he had the last words of the season. It’s Alaric who says, “These kids are going to be better.” After everything this family’s done, it’s possible that Hope might not follow in their footsteps, which was a nice way to end.”

In looking now towards Caroline, one of the biggest reasons to be hopeful to see more of the character is simply a matter of convenience. It would be strange to not see Caroline based on where the story left off, unless of course the writers find a way to send her character off somewhere else in the universe because of the time jump that’s coming. all indications seem to suggest that a massive one is coming, which makes sense based on where the fourth season ended. Rebekah was in New York, Elijah had wiped his brain of the vow and the bond with his family, and Kol was looking towards a future of his own with Davina. There is no immediate need for the characters to reunite, but that may change moving into the future.

For now, fingers crossed that King will at least recur given that it’ll bring together this world and The Vampire Diaries, plus also give Klaus – Caroline fans something to celebrate.

What do you want to see on The Originals season 5 when it comes to Caroline? Be sure to share in the comments!

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