Poldark season 3 spoilers: Morwenna actress on the story ahead

MorwennaPoldark season 3 has brought us many gifts so far, and the budding romance of Morwenna and Drake could be one of them. This is the essence of the show in its purest form — it’s sweet, it’s epic, and while you know that something will probably go terribly wrong, there is still hope on the other side for happiness. It’s the sort of story that is beyond easy to root for.

Elise Chappell is the actress behind bringing the character to life, and in a new chat on the TV series Lorraine, she did her best to outline further some of Morwenna’s story to date, and also what could be coming up next:

“She’s comes into a the story very innocent and gentle and sweet. She comes into amazing Cornwall, this amazing place and gets a sense of independence and freedom … [Geoffrey and Morwenna] become almost like brother and sister and then Drake seems to become part of that and they form a nice family unit.”

Side note — can we chastise the Express for a moment? They were the publication that supplied some of these quotes, but they did so in the midst of a story suggesting that she dropped some sort of “HUGE spoiler.” This is a headline that they’ve started to supply for just about any show anytime that anyone says anything about what’s coming up. For example, Kit Harington could tell them that he’s got new hair gel and they would say “Kit Harington drops HUGE spoiler about Jon Snow’s hair.”

Anyhow, rant over. We do enjoy the story of Morwenna so far just because there is such a sweetness about it. She’s trying to make the best of a good situation, and Drake and Geoffrey together offer up her up this tremendous opportunity. It’s too bad that we’re probably going to see George find a way to railroad this because A) he’s George and B) he’s terrible. She will just have to learn to rely on those who can help her to carry through, but finding them may prove challenging given that she’s separated from Ross and Demelza because of an agreement in place, and Elizabeth holds resentment over how close she is becoming already with her son.

What do you want to see ahead for Morwenna on Poldark season 3? Be sure to share some thoughts now in the comments!

Meanwhile, head over here to get some additional news when it comes to the show. (Photo: BBC.)

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