Pride Weekend: Celebrating Maggie and Alex (Sanvers) of Supergirl

Maggie and AlexMrs. Carter: It’s Pride Weekend, and it’s time to celebrate many of TV’s best LGBTQ couples — including of course Maggie and Alex of Supergirl.

You don’t have to look far to know that Sanvers is one of the most-popular pairings in the DC – CW universe, and for good reason. Over the past year, they exemplify best parts about any romantic relationship. Together they are strong, supportive of each other, caring, have a lot of fun, and also willing to fight for one another when the situation calls for it. Look at the episode “Alex” from this past season, and how far Maggie was willing to go in order to ensure that her girlfriend was safe.

These two characters went on an incredible journey to find each other, and they are now in this wonderful position where they can go fight crime and stop bad guys while on the clock, and then come home to each other when the dust settles. Their partnership is reminiscent of what Patty Spivot wanted with Barry Allen on The Flash, but they ultimately weren’t meant to be. Here, it’s pretty clear that Maggie and Alex are.

These two are of course a great representation of an LGBTQ couple on TV, but it goes beyond just being an inspiration there; the way that they treat each other is something that all couples should look towards as a positive sign. They have their flaws and their struggles, but that’s what makes them human and what makes them worth rooting for. It also helps that they have two performers in Floriana Lima and Chyler Leigh who do a great job at capturing the emotion and heart of these two women.

What’s next for Sanvers?

This is where things are a little more mysterious, given the fact that Lima will not be a series regular for season 3 and her onscreen presence will be scaled back. The fact that this is coming after a moment of Alex proposing to Maggie is worrisome, but you shouldn’t write this relationship off just yet. Maggie’s role may just be structured in a way where she and Alex aren’t working together as much, but you get constant reminders that they are still very much together. Supergirl knows how important this relationship is to many of its viewers, and with Lima still recurring, we have confidence that they will find a way to continue telling this story, even if it is in smaller doses throughout season 3.

What do you appreciate the most about Sanvers as a couple, and what do you want their season 3 story to be? Share in the comments!

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