NCIS: New Orleans: Will Forensic Scientist Sebastian Lund leave the lab behind?

New OrleansNCIS: New Orleans viewers watch every week as the team steps up to solve crimes around New Orleans. Last season, a new agent was added to the team as FBI Special Agent Tammy Gregorio moved over to the NCIS office. This decision was appreciated by the fans of the show, but it left one character hanging in the wind. What will happen to Forensic Scientist Sebastian Lund?

Does NCIS: New Orleans have a plan for Sebastian Lund?

Since the beginning of the series, Sebastian Lund has been offering his talent in the lab as he reviews the different components found on the scene and giving a scientific look at the crimes. It’s been an important part of the show, however the character’s interest has slowly changed. Instead of just being in the lab, he was seen in the field. He even had a few close calls.

Should Sebastian stay in the lab?

NCIS: New Orleans fans are wondering where Sebastian belongs in the upcoming season. The talents of the character could have him working side-by-side with other characters taking down bad guys on the streets of New Orleans, or he could be in the lab once again looking for DNA to find suspects. The uniqueness of this character could be a blessing or a curse (depending on how the writers work him in to the upcoming season).

Has Agent Lund lost his geek factor?

One interesting tidbit about Sebastian Lund is that viewers have noticed he has lost his geek factor. In the other NCIS series shows, the characters who were in the lab and working on computers still had moments of geekiness that were great in solving crimes. Lund has lost that feeling. He’s become one of the team and his focus on science has been lost as the character continues to go outside of the lab.

Viewers love Sebastian Lund

Wherever Sebastian Lund decides to go (the lab, a crime scene or running after perps) there is no doubt the fans will follow. He is a great character that fans hope to find continued success in his career. Of course, fans do wonder where he might go. If he does decide to leave the lab, who might replace him on NCIS: New Orleans?

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