Big Brother 19 spotlight: Meet Raven Walton from ‘Arkansassy’

Raven WaltonWhen it comes to quirky contestants on Big BrotherRaven Walton is the sort of person casting covets. She’s outspoken, goofy, values her big personality, and seems to know the show. She’s also got a dance background, and we like to think that this helps her immensely during some of the physical challenges.

So will she really come through as a big-time player this season, or just a polarizing character who proves herself to be far too energetic for her own good? This is what this spotlight article is all about!

Current City – DeValls Bluff, Arkansas. It’s a tiny town east of Little Rock, and we do like that she seems to be a true testament to the small-town persona that she plays up during a good portion of her Jeff interview.

Age – 23. She is one of the youngest people on the show this season, but she does have some life experience. She has a stomach pacemaker, and has been through more that some other people in the house have in terms of her medical history. It’s a story that could help some gravitate towards her in the game.

Job – Dance teacher. this should be super-useful in any of the endurance challenges just because she’ll be in great shape and used to pushing her joints and her body to the limit. Also, she can teach people dance when they’re bored.

Past houseguest comparison – Our least favorite thing about Raven is that she claims to be a Frankie Grande fan. With shtick like “Arkansassy” in her Jeff video, we can’t say that we’re altogether surprised at all by this.

Personally, the best comparison that we can offer up for her is almost a hybrid of Meg from season 17 and Joey from season 16. She’s got a little bit of that spunky personality with maybe a little more edginess than Meg has … but not much.

Strengths – We can’t imagine anyone in the world being deliberately mad at her, mostly because Raven is not going to say anything to make anyone man. She seems to be very positive, and will be a good person to have around the house. She also seems primed to lay low and be under the radar in the early going.

Weaknesses – She may not intentionally make anyone mad, but we do worry that her desire to deliver quality shtick is going to occasionally get in the way of her being a good player this season. Take, for example, her desire to bond with people who are like her and reference how “quirky” she is multiple times. She may be setting herself up for a fall.

Prediction – We do think Raven’s spirit, if she portrays it the right way in the house, is an asset. The main issue there is whether or not she can do that, and it’s hard to know for sure if she can. For the time being, our feeling is that she’s the sort of person destined to be sent out of the game in some sort of freak vote at around the jury; people will like her, but she’s probably going to struggle to get a real ride-or-die going because she’s such a character that she may not be seen as enough of a player in turn.

How do you think Raven is going to fare on Big Brother 19? Share in the comments!

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