Still-Star Crossed episode 4 return date moved; show effectively canceled further

Star-Crossed episode 4 return dateUnfortunately, the Still Star-Crossed episode 4 return date is being moved, and it’s bad news for those of you who enjoy the show.

Today, ABC confirmed (per Deadline) that the remaining four episodes of the Shakespearean drama are being moved to Saturdays, where they will air starting on July 8. That’s a rough timeslot for the summer, and it shows further that the network doesn’t have a lot of faith (or any faith at all) that the show is going to continue beyond this shortened run.

Granted, there was not all that much in the way of hope that the show was going to be coming back for more episodes given that it was being billed by ABC through much of the summer as a limited series, and that is a big glowing sign that says “we’re not picking your show back up” if there ever was one.

The thing that we ultimately don’t understand with Still Star-Crossed is simply this: Why did ABC think that a sequel to Romeo & Juliet without the two most popular characters would work? This is something that maybe would have functioned better if modernized; in its current form, it just didn’t come together. They gave it a small chance in putting it after The Bachelorette, but it was losing a good two-thirds of that lead-in in the 18-49 demographic. Even Mistresses, a show that was canceled for low ratings, tended to fair better in that regard.

The good news is that you’re still going to have a chance to see the rest of Still Star-Crossed through, but unfortunately that is the only good news. It was pretty much canceled from the jump with the limited series billing, and this is now the final nail in its coffin. You’re not going to get a chance to see the show return for any more stories. We will continue to cover the show in the form of previews the rest of the way, just because we do like to see journeys through.

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Meanwhile, head over to the link here in the event you want to get some additional news when it comes to Still Star-Crossed and some of what’s coming up in terms of the story.

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