Big Brother 19 rumor: Could there be returning houseguest, after all?

returning houseguestIs it possible that there could be a returning player on Big Brother 19after all? As much as we enjoyed the thought of getting sixteen new players and that only … sometimes we can’t have nice things.

The rumor’s been out there that there is a returning player thanks to a post on Twitter from Julie Chen, which features another key for a mystery houseguest. Who could it be? Well, there are a number of possibilities, though our good friend Hamsterwatch has some compelling evidence that it could be Paul Abrahamian judging from everything from his band’s activity to a switch in device on his main Twitter account.

The idea of Paul returning, in theory, is great. He was a hoot to watch on the feeds for most of the season, minus the early part of that game and that one fight with Big Meech that was super-nasty. Nicole may have played a more consistent strategic game, but it’s understandable why anyone wanted to root for him in the final two over here.

Alas, Paul returning now would be problematic and a bummer for a couple of different reasons. For one, he’ll have a huge target on his back given that he was just in the house and even some of the recruits will have seen him play. The other problem for him is that everyone knows he’s a huge personality, and there are two reasons why people sign on to be on this show: The joy of playing the game, or the opportunity to be famous. He takes away from the latter since much of the spotlight will be on him. People want to think that this is their chance to win and their chance to shine and make crazy television. Houseguests have been voted out for less…

If there is a returning player on this season, Paul’s the frontrunner even if there is no evidence. Just think about it. He had a super-distinctive look, easy-to-remember catch-phrases, CBS clearly loves him (he appeared on Big Brother: Over the Top and filmed a spot in Candy Crush and The Bold and the Beautiful), and they know he will stir things up. They’ve already used Da’Vonne for two straight seasons and while Victor was great, he technically had three chances to play the game already. As for Corey … not going there. Moving on!

Our conclusion here is such: It’d be great to see Paul play Big Brother again. Unfortunately, we wanted it to be further on down the road.

Do you think that a returning player this season is good or bad for the game? Share in the comments!

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