TV Women Empowerment series: Bravo’s Sandy Yawn inspires on Below Deck Mediterranean

Sandy YawnSandy Yawn isn’t offended when she is mistaken for crew on Below Deck Mediterranean. Viewers of the show watched as even a crew member assumed she wasn’t the captain. It’s a common mistake that this remarkable female yacht captain faces daily. Not to worry, she corrects them every time. Yes, it’s Captain Sandy Yawn. With over 20 years on the water, the reality star still faces the typical, tough stereotypes found in some professions dominated by men.

A perfect example of an empowering woman on TV, Sandy Yawn is enjoying life while doing what she loves. She’s looking to fulfill her life’s mission. She loves the ocean and she knows every part of the yacht after being part of dozens of charters. Her desire is to offer an amazing experience to guests on board and float through life in the vessel of her choice.

Following goals and blowing off stereotypes

Reality show viewers watching Below Deck Mediterranean get to see Sandy Yawn every week cruise the waters. Besides being extremely jealous of her current location, the fans are empowered to realize women can do anything they choose including driving a multi-million dollar yacht with ease. No longer is being a Captain a man’s job. It’s a profession open to anyone. Consider the impact she makes when young women recognize this profession is open to anyone. This Bravo star is opening eyes and doors for younger generations.

Empowering by building confidence

It’s doubtful that Sandy Yawn is rarely concerned to learn that she is the only female captain in an area when floating in the Mediterranean Sea or the Gulf of Mexico. She’s probably more worried about the weather or maybe on the watch for pirates. Her confidence shows on Below Deck Mediterranean. She is the captain and her knowledge is what the crew follows. Not only is that amazing, it’s empowering as she is at the top of her profession.

Sandy Yawn’s unique style of leadership

Captain Sandy Yawn doesn’t typically lead like other yacht captains seen on television. Her leadership style offers a clear description of what is required by the crew and everyone (including the Captain) pitches in to make the charter come together. During the season, viewers have seen everyone step up to help.

Teaching on the water

Another quality that inspires viewers watching Below Deck: Mediterranean is how the lessons on the water are part of life. Captain Sandy is willing, at the drop of a hat, to teach. Viewers watched while, even during a charter, Sandy is showing how to hold a line or give advice to dock smoothly. This hands-on approach really strikes a different chord. Compared to other Captains, even those working on reality TV, don’t seem to have as much confidence as Yawn.

Unspoken limits broken by everyday actions

Empowering the viewers who watch the show, Bravo reminds every woman that there is no profession off-limits and no desired job that is too great. There is plenty of potential for a young woman to be a Yacht captain or be involved by any other profession once dominated mostly by men. No longer can unspoken limits determine where women work or what they can choose as a profession. Sandy Yawn empowers us all to reach for our dreams and keep pushing towards our highest potential. (Photo: Bravo.)

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