Big Brother 19 spotlight: Meet salesman, possible villain Cody Nickson

Cody NicksonIf there is one thing we know about Cody Nickson entering Big Brother 19it’s this: The dude really doesn’t like his job. He’s an interesting guy in that he came off as a little bit abrasive in his interview with Jeff Schroeder — especially the part where he called showmances “dumb” right to Jeff’s face — and he’s super-blunt. He also claims that he never cries. He’s an odd duck, and we can’t quite figure out if he’s going to be a super-early boot, or if he’s got enough of a oddball charm that he’ll make it far.

Effectively, Cody is a walking contradiction — he says that he loves Evel Dick, and yet it does seem like he’s got some lines that he doesn’t want to cross.

Current City – He says Dallas in his video with Jeff, so we’ll go with that. Just like we also said with Elena, it’d be nice to see someone from DFW (we’re also from the area) come on the show and not be disliked by most of America for a change.

Age – 32. Cody claims that he’s going to lie about his age. It’s interesting — he looks younger in his photo, but in his interview with Jeff we could picture him being 36 or so. He’s got a weathered look to him — not in a bad way, but still.

Job – Roofing sales. Cody travels door to door and plans no quitting / never going back after the show. It almost feels like one of his goals is to just use the show to get him out of the current rut he’s facing in his life.

Past houseguest comparison – He’s not Evel Dick; he’s not diabolical enough. He does have a little bit of Shane from Big Brother 14 mixed (ironically) with Shane from Big Brother: Over the Top, and maybe a little bit of Beast Mode Cowboy in there, but he’s far drier than Caleb ever was in the game.

Strengths – He’s in good shape, he seems willing to lie if it suits him, and it really doesn’t seem to care much if America loves him. He doesn’t even seem all that concerned in playing a certain way because he has a kid! He doesn’t seem to be fazed by much, and in the first week or two he seems like perfect bro-alliance material.

Weaknesses – Unfortunately, most bro-alliances fall apart after a few weeks other than the Brigade and the Detonators. We’re not sure that Cody has the patience and the interest in tolerating the shenanigans of some of the other players this season. We envision him getting super-annoyed and not holding his tongue with the people younger than he is.

Prediction – We’re honestly not sure why Cody was cast other than “Texas dude.” He’s got a slow-burn quality to him where he could be entertaining over time, but he feels a little too dry and dull superficially for this show. He’s either going to go far and be this really divisive player, or be out week three just because he makes everyone mad with how he acts around them. Not a lot of middle ground with him.

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