MasterChef season 8 episode 5: A Gordon Ramsay classic

MasterChef season 8 episode 5There are two ways we could approach this MasterChef season 8 episode 5 preview piece: Complaining about the Mystery Box, or celebrating the Gordon Ramsay part of it.

For the time being, we’ll focus more on the latter given that the whole “let’s watch live animals get killed” part of the competition is never our favorite and we feel incredibly bad for Dino given that the guy is a vegan. We’re a full-fledged carnivore, but this is still not something that we like to do just because it feels cruel. (Yes, we know that this is somewhat hypocritical because all meat is killed at some point, but still.)

The Gordon Ramsay Elimination Challenge is a bit of a classic, where the remaining home cooks have to recreate something that is extremely well-known to him. What could it be? Maybe it’s a risotto, some sort of scallop dish, or that famous beef wellington that was just highlight on this past season of MasterChef Junior (we actually don’t think that is the case because of the fact that they just did it on the other show). No matter what, this should prove to be hellish for the contestants to figure out!

So, who are we looking towards now as the favorites? You gotta say Brien, who managed to rally his team together for an impressive Team Challenge win. It wasn’t perfect, but it never felt like there was a vacuum of leadership and he owned most of the creations while listening to others. Beyond that, we’re actually very impressed with Dino the vegan. He’s shown a great ability and focus when it comes to cooking a wide array of different food, and he really hasn’t been that much in his comfort zone just yet. We also like his temperament; it helps in this kitchen to have confidence in who you are, provided that it’s not arrogance and you don’t suddenly become the LaVar Ball of cooking.

As for who’s in some jeopardy, we do need to see more of Jennifer given how hot and cold she’s been this season. One week after finishing strong in the first Mystery Box, she was the Team Captain and floundered in the Pressure Test. There are also some other weak links from the first Mystery Box, including Heather, who do still have that need to try and prove themselves.

Where do you want to see things going on MasterChef season 8 episode 5? Share your thoughts now with a comment!

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