13 Reasons Why season 2 is underway, and they need all the luck in the world

13 Reasons why

13 Reasons Why is looking to show that lightning CAN strike twice — or, so they hope.

As Kate Walsh confirmed in a new interview with People Now, the second season of the Netflix series is currently underway, and of course with that she’s privy as to all of the key information regarding what is coming up. While we want to know what’s coming up (the story left us with so many great cliffhangers), we don’t want the former Grey’s Anatomy / Private Practice star to give away the farm mostly because we want to have some surprises. That was one of the reasons this show as as powerful as it was for us – we went into it unfiltered and unknowing. This show is about plunging you into the most devastating moments of people’s lives and then having to watch things slowly become even more horrifying. There is no Band-Aid that covers the wounds with what happens in this story.

Instead of wanting to know details, the only thing we want to do is simply this: Try to find a way to channel as many good vibes to this production as possible since they’re going to need them.

Season 1 of the show was brilliant, well-acted, gut-wrenching to watch, and difficult to process for pretty much everyone that watched it. Fundamentally, there is no real reason to have a season 2 (except to hopefully see Bryce carted off to jail). It told Hannah’s devastating story and the events that led to her taking her own life. Season 2 has to continue that while also finding a way to justify its existence. Does it have a story to tell that is equally gut-wrenching or important? Or, is this just an excuse to spend more time with some of these characters and to further cement the show’s hit status? It makes sense for Netflix to want more since it’s going to have a ton of viewers. It’s just not clear as of yet if this was a story that needed to be told further.

With this, we wish Walsh and the remainder of the 13 Reasons Why cast all of the luck in the world as they try to make it through the remainder of their filming. We want this show to be great; nobody wants to sift through a million blowhard think-pieces on the internet describing what went wrong with the show and if there was some sort of way to turn things around and fix it.

Season 2 should be premiering in 2018. Hopefully, before then there will be teasers, trailers, or something to give all of us a collective sense of further hope that this show can end up being just as good if not better than it was.

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