Game of Thrones season 7 trailer #2: Kit Harington’s Jon in the spotlight

trailer #2With the premiere of Game of Thrones season 7 coming to HBO next month, the network is making one thing rather clear in the latest trailer: Winter is here. Also, they’re putting Kit Harington’s Jon Snow in the spotlight.

One of the biggest takeaways of trailer #2 is that Jon is trying to serve in a different role than we’ve seen him before: Mediator. He wants to bring about some element of peace in Westeros, at least enough of one to ensure that they will be around to fight each other later. He seems to be speaking to the members of House Stark, House Targeryan, and House Lannister collectively when he asks for some sort of peace to take on the threats that are here in the White Walkers. Winter is here! That’s why #WinterIsHere is used as the hashtag at the end of the show.

The contents of this trailer suggest that our theory for this season may be going up in smoke … maybe. We had suspected in the past that the White Walkers would be the primary threats  in the eighth and final season of the show, and we’d see most of season 7 watching Cersei, Jon, Daenerys, and others battle each other for control of the Iron Throne. From there, maybe they’d take the Night King on. It’s still possible that this will be the case, but the big difference appears to be that the conversations over these threats are coming a little bit earlier than first professed.

There are only seven episodes this season, but they all appear to be jam-packed in terms of content and violence based on everything that is crammed in here. You’ve got a good chance to see more violence and chaos among some of the various armies, and there are many familiar faces that make cameos in here. These episodes will set up the final six episodes, and you have to presume that not everyone is making it to the end of the series alive. The two focuses in this trailer are Jon and Sansa Stark (Sophie Turner), but that makes some sense given that the two parties are the ones controlling the North, and therefore are the ones most aware of the White Walkers as a menace to all the Seven Kingdoms.

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