Big Brother 19 spotlight: Meet Dominique Cooper, engineer and ‘dominator’

Dominique CooperOut of everyone on Big Brother 19, Dominique probably came up with a nickname for herself quicker than anyone: Dominique the Dominator. She’s very smart, very verbose, and definitely likes to life. She’s got a lot that she is bringing to the table this season, but the most important thing that she has is experience and some self-awareness. She already has a good career, and therefore may have a different perspective on the game than everyone else.

Will these skills translate to a win? Well, that’s to be seen…

Current City – Woodbridge, Virginia. She’s originally from Alabama, and she does a lot of work in the Washington DC area.

Age – 30. Yay! It’s always nice to have female houseguests over the age of 28 taking part in the season.

Job – Engineer. Like we said, good job. The reason that translates well to the house is that she may have the perspective to realize that taking part in this show is more than just her sitting around and goofing off. She’ll know the value of hard work, and in the process may be rather good at manipulating some of her other houseguests.

Past houseguest comparison – Dominique doesn’t have a favorite houseguest. To us, that means that outside of sequester, she hasn’t seen a whole lot of the show. We’d say Brittany from season 16 isn’t a bad comparison, though we can also see Tiffany Rousso being another good one given that they’re all in good shape and are fairly intelligent.

Strengths – She can win competitions, she claims to be excellent at reading people, and she’s got a good sense of humor. We also think that having a little more life experience should be useful to her since she knows how to handle stressful situations. Being an engineer should be way more challenging than trying to maneuver her way through a house with various players, and she’ll just need to figure out a way to make friends and then keep them.

Weaknesses – She doesn’t know a lot about the show, so she may not be prepared for some of the twists coming her way. This is a woman who also was so embarrassed about the thought of mimicking her high school mascot that she almost didn’t do it with Jeff Schroeder. She may be a little too self-aware for her own good in that sense, and may not do everything that she needs to do in order to win.

Prediction – Dominique Cooper is a couple of letters away from being Preacher star Dominic Cooper, and she needs to pull out some of that inner badass to win this season. We do think that she has some of the skills, but her lack of game knowledge may be something that bites her in the butt along the way. She may make it far, but it’s hard to see her win.

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