America’s Got Talent review: Bello Nock, Men with Pans, and show #4

Greater WorksWelcome to America’s Got Talent live show #4! There will be some crazy talent, but of course beyond that just some old-fashioned silliness we crave. We’re back once more to be your guide through all parts of the show, from the golden buzzers to the failures. Also, we’ll be grading all the acts to go along with it!

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Greater Works Choir – Isn’t this how you want to see things kick off? This was crazy, fun, intense, and anything and everything in between? If you love great gospel choirs with showmanship, this was it. Granted, at one point we thought that everyone was doing the mannequin challenge midway through the performance. They’ve got a chance to go pretty darn far this season, and Simon Cowell was absolutely feelin’ it. Grade: A.

Jay Jay Phillips – This is one of the reasons to love this show, given that Jay Jay had the look of someone who’d be a complete joke, but he was a really good and rather charming rock musician, even if he was dressed straight out of some sort of rock parody band. He probably needs to either add more humor to this or go in a more serious direction to have a real shot. Nonetheless, we’ll give this some credit for being original and different. Grade: B-.

Light Balance – We have seen this sort of light-dance before; more than that, we’ve seen Light Balance before. They were a part of Britain’s Got Talent a few years back, but we don’t mind seeing them over here given that they are very entertaining. They brought a lot of energy and pizazz, and they also got a Golden Buzzer. Read more about that over hereGrade: A-.

The less we saw about that “Young Enough” guy, the better. Awful. Grade: F.

Just Jerk Crew – One of the coolest dance crews that we’ve seen on the show. It combined an element of culture with passion, intensity, athletic ability, and art. Typically dance crews are boring and all start to mesh together. This stands out, but they’ll of course have another challenge in finding a way to get people to pay attention once more when they get to the next round. Grade: A-.

Celine Tam – Like Light Balance, she is entering this team with some TV experience behind her, and for a nine-year old child she was surprisingly humble and composed. Also, she’s a sensational singer who REALLY loves Celine Dion and can somehow hit all of the notes from start to finish. She’ll be around a while. Grade: A-.

Men with Pans – We didn’t anticipate being so entertained by two men in no clothes covering themselves up with pants. It was so bizarre, but there was also a whole lot of entertainment in seeing these guys shuffle those pans around and do a few different acrobatic tricks. It’s shocking to us that they almost didn’t get through! Grade: B+.

Wiseguy Nursery Rhymes – The funny thing is that he’s actually a pretty good impersonator. The problem here is that nobody wants to see a Robert De Niro impersonator in 2017. The act around him was also flimsy and without any sort of tangible momentum. Grade: D.

Tom London – We’re echoing some of what we said after viewing his first audition, but it remains true now that he is very much sensational at what he does as a magician. He has great presence, a fantastic hold on the audience, and a lot of innovation when it comes to the end result of the trick. He did seem a tad nervous tonight, but still a great start for a guy with some potential. Grade: B+.

Bello Nock – Sure, he was a little cheesy, but that is a part of the point. This is very much a circus act if there ever was one, and we’re fine with that since great circus performers are an art form these days. Also, this is a guy who really relies on a show like this for a career — though hilariously, he agreed to get shot out of a cannon even though he didn’t need to do that to get the votes he needed to advance. Grade: A-.

Evie Clair – This was the final performance, and it was a powerful one. You can read even more about this just by heading over to the link here now.

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