America’s Got Talent auditions: Meet magician Tom London!

Tom LondonThere’s a new episode of America’s Got Talent airing Tuesday night on NBC, and with that, what better time to meet magician Tom London?

In the video below via Us Weekly, you can take advantage of the first opportunity to see London in action. He looks and sounds a little bit like Tom Felton, which is why it’s rather ironic that there is some Harry Potter music playing in the background of some of his act. The effect he pulls off here is pretty cool. Using phones and Tyra Banks’ calculator, he finds a way to use answers from the judges to generate a number so massive, there is no way seemingly that he could guess it. Following that, the big reveal is … well, you can see some of that at the end of the video!

What Tom brings to the table that is so effective is an ability to deliver a big reveal, while also understanding how to command the stage. We do sense a few nerves, such as him telling Tyra Banks to “take a seat” when she has no apparent seat to take, but that’s understandable given the situation.

The reality here, though, is that the pressure will be on him with his next trick given that this one is something that we’ve had a chance to see variations on the past few years. The whole “coming up with a mystery number / item based on audience answers” is almost the new “magician disappearing and reappearing somewhere else” when it comes to America’s Got Talent magic tricks. He may need to figure out some other sort of reveal for the next round.

The good thing, though, is that it’s another magician moving on to the next round potentially, and we can always use more magicians on this show even if they’ve become more regular in recent years. It’s genuine entertainment, and there is no other show where you see this sort of thing. It’s like getting good comedy acts at this point. (Funny thought — given her frequent disdain for comedy, wouldn’t it be great if Heidi Klum actually used her golden buzzer on a comedian?)

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Meanwhile, head over to the link here in the event you do want to get some other news when it comes to the show, including previews for other auditions. (Photo: NBC.)

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