Wynonna Earp season 2 episode 2 review: Is Waverly really an Earp?

Earp season 2 episode 2Wynonna Earp season 2 episode 2 is an episode that gave us many things — ghosts, surprises, and serious nightmare fuel.

Spiders. Why do this to us, Wynonna Earp? We were doing so well on this Friday night, and then the spiders had to show up with their stupid spider face to ruin everything. Okay, we’re being somewhat facetious because this was a really entertaining / crazy episode regardless. It just had a few moments where we had to look away from the screen.

Now, let’s talk about something that would actually freak us out far more in the event that we saw it in life: Ghosts. Specifically, Willa’s ghost. She started to think she was experiencing a full-on haunting after seeing some visions, and with that, she did everything that she could in order to ensure that the ghost went away … including a fire because who doesn’t love a fire? The interesting thing is that she wanted to see Willa go away, and yet she wanted someone else to return in Dolls. Doc convinced her that this was the worst place for him while he was in hiding. Meanwhile, she convinced Doc to step up and stop hiding out just because of his feelings towards Black Badge.

Let’s get back to the spiders now, even if we don’t want to because we hate them and they suck. Much of the “mission” for Wynonna this episode was a unhappy-reunion-of-sorts, one that brought her back with her old enemy Earl. While they may not have the best history, they have a rather great reason to work together: Breaking the curse, since that buys them both a little freedom.

Unfortunately, things didn’t end too well for Earl. Pretty much no surprise there, and we’re fine with glossing right over the spiders since we’ve mentioned them enough and there are other things to get to.

Wayhaught and other updates

First, for those of you who are Wayhaught fans, the two had a great scene at the end of the season as Nicole helped her to uncover a question that’s long been nagging at her: Whether or not she was really an Earp. She’s been given enough reasons to doubt it. Also, they slept together and ‘shippers all over the world rejoiced with fanfare and jubilation.

For Wynonna, she followed up her spider-defeating with another check-in with Doc. It’s too bad that they still have some differences of opinion over how to handle their present situation. In the closing minutes Wynonna and Waverly checked back in at the end of the episode to talk about her Willa – ghost problem. She can’t get over what happened, but she can move forward in time.

Cliffhanger time – What in the world did Waverly do in the closing seconds? Well, we’d forgotten all about her possession until she opened that jar and took a bite. Tricky, tricky!

Final verdict

There were so many fun moments in the midst of all of the crazy in this episode, with one of the hilarious ones being the runner about how many shower scenes there seemed to be in a single hour. Also, tonight we learned that there is such a thing as bad bourbon. Also, Mad Max: Fury Road references. This episode was fun — terrifying at times, but also fun. Grade: B+.

What’s next on Wynonna Earp season 2?

If you do want to preview more of what’s coming up, be sure to visit the link here right now! Of course, there will be more news coming up on the rest of the show before long. Stay tuned. (Photo: Syfy.)

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