Dark Matter season 3 episode 3 review: Is Roger Cross leaving?

Matter season 3 episode 3Last week, Dark Matter aired a two-hour season 3 premiere that was about many different things, whether it be mourning, violence, the search for a blink drive, and also Four / Ryo showing just how good he can be at being evil.

Before too long in season 3 episode 3 on Friday night, Ryo made it pretty darn clear that he has plans for a counterattack after what happened at the research station last week. The team at the Razar crew didn’t get a whole lot of a reprieve, given that within the first fourth of the episode there was an attack that caused some casualties.

This is where Six comes in to the rescue! He decided to be the negotiator with the apparent attackers, a group of hired-gun corporate mercenaries, in order to ensure a compromise was reached. Is there a way to fight fire with words? It’s a concept that is important to science fiction, given that war isn’t always the answer to every single problem under the sun. Here’s the problem: Right in the middle of said negotiation, another attack happened, even though he was not entirely responsible for it.

In true Dark Matter fashion, what we saw here was a pretty normal confrontation (at least for the Raza crew at this point) delve into something that felt like a Mass Effect mission with all of the ducking behind objects and staking out different areas with guns. Eventually, Two and Three were able to find Six after he was captured. An extraction mission to get him became a hostage situation, and another mystery unfolded: Who set off the nearby explosion?

Maybe all of the questions were somewhat answered / touched on thanks to the return of The General. The moment he turned up, Two, Three, Five, and Six knew precisely who they were up against: A problem. He’s so charismatic and in command of his words that he can persuade anyone to do almost everything. Six knew this, and that’s why he was so intent that nobody should ever listen to him. It’s too bad that he sold some of these corporate outsiders on the promise of his “leadership,” which was mostly just chaos.

Six eventually returned back to these people after departing briefly earlier in the episode, and not too long after that, The General was taken out. This was FAR shorter of a return than we imagined him having on the show.

The big surprise of the episode was what happened after his death, as Six decided that he wanted to stay behind in order to help unify these people. He knew that these stragglers needed a leader, and didn’t need to be strung along by Ferrous or anyone else.

What’s happening with The Android?

Meanwhile, there was some other trouble that was unfolding all the way back at the ship, as The Android revealed that another one of their own may have compromised the ship. This was just the beginning of one of the more interesting Android stories this season, given that we eventually saw her transported to what felt like an alternate dimension. While there, she saw … Sarah?

After Two, Three, and Five returned to the Raza after their mission (and with Six, sadly, still on the ground), Android pulled Five aside for a chat. Apparently, Sarah is now a separate consciousness attached to the show’s database, and this offers a chance for Three to go and see her at any point he wants.

Your cliffhanger

Apparently, Ryo is hiring some of the best assassins possible. No shock there, right?

Final Verdict

After this past episode, you can’t be too shocked that there wasn’t much Five in this episode. We’d say that in the end, this was more about Six, his history with the General, and then also his departure. That was said, and we hope this doesn’t mean that he is gone forever given that it would be a rather abrupt end to his story.

Otherwise, we still are going to take some time to get used to the new people aboard the Raza; oh, and we did want a little more Five. Grade: B.

For the record, we’d be SHOCKED if Roger Cross leaves for good given that there are so many ways to still use Six on the show.

What’s coming next on Dark Matter?

Rest assured that you can get a little bit more news on that subject by heading over to the link here right now! (Photo: Syfy.)

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