Shark Tank rankings: Getaway, Vibes earplugs, Pop-Up Play, Chrips Cricket Chips

VibesTonight, Shark Tank will feature Getaway, Vibes earplugs, Pop-Up Play, and Chrips Crickets Chips in a repeat episode. For the sake of this article, we’re continuing our recent repeat trend of looking further at these products and ranking them based on where they are now, and what we think their long-term viability is.

Hopefully, you’ll consider this a fun new way to look at the products featured in this episode.

4. Chirps – Really cute packaging, and we appreciate that they really lean into the fact that their chips have cricket flour instead of putting it in the fine print somewhere. They even advertise well the health benefits! The big problem with Chrips, beyond the fact that some people are going to be too nervous to try crickets in the first place, is that it’s in a super-crowded field. It’s hard for ANY chip to compete with the big guys in the grocery space, and it’s hard to convince people to order snacks online beyond a select group.

3. Vibes – Earplugs for concertgoers were something that was around before Vibes entered Shark Tank, but the discreetness of the product is one of the reasons why it stands out. While it’s not completely different now from when the show aired (or different at all), this is a solid investment for any live music fan. The only damage that they have to their long-term viability is that this is a super-specific market.

2. Getaway – It’s an odd sort of culture that we’re in that we’re paying at this point to disconnect from many of the things designed to make life easier. Yet, there does seem to be a market for these tiny house rentals beyond just New York and Boston if they ever expand far enough. It’s a unique business, and while it could easily be copied, the brand has earned enough equity to make it a go-to.

1. Pop-Up Play – This idea is brilliant, and it’s right up there with Budsies as one of the great inventions for kids in the history of the show. It’s effectively turning imagination into something that is real, tangible, and exciting for kids. While this may not be something that new customers by every month (there are only so many pop-up playspaces that parents can have for their kids), there are always going to be consumers out there. Its appeal is so much beyond any other product in this episode.

Which one of these products from this episode of Shark Tank would you be the most interested in buying? Share in the comments below!

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